Woodland Camo Rip-Stop BDU Pants

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Camouflage Pants

At one point, owning a pair of camo cargo pants meant you were serving in the military. Today camouflage pants are used by the military, hunters, outdoorsman and the fashion world. Gear Up Surplus proudly stocks a wide variety of BDU pants to help you dress for any occasion. 


Woodland Camo

Woodland camo is a pattern that has been worn by the military since the Vietnam War. The woodland camouflage combines green, black and brown patterns to allow it's users to blend in wood type terrains. Woodland camo was the primary camo pattern for military BDU Uniforms until the 90s. Owning a pair of woodland camo pants now has become the norm amongst many civilians. The vintage camo pattern is one of the most noticeable camo pattern throughout the world. 


Woodland Camo Pants

The woodland camo pants carried by Gear Up Surplus are a 100% cotton, making these durable and stylish pants fully rip-stop. Rip-stop material is designed to prevent ripping and tearing while in use, resulting in a dependable pair of clothing in rugged terrains. These tactical pants have two slash pockets, a two button cargo pocket on the leg and two button down back pockets. Making these camo cargo pants a great option for concealed carry and other storage abilities. Beyond the pockets, the camouflage pants resembling the Army BDU uniform have double stitched seams and reinforced at the knees. Making them one of the toughest pair of camo cargo pants on the market. Finally, the waist on these Rothco pants is fully adjustable, allowing for the perfect fit to be found. The bottom cuffs include a drawstring to secure your camo cargo pants above your military boots, resulting in users remaining warm and draw. To top it all off, there is also a reliable button fly, giving users the real feel of a BDU uniform worn by the military. 

Rothco Pants

Rothco is began dealing military surplus before introducing various clothing and products that resemble genuine military surplus. Now Rothco pants are regarded as some of the best camo cargo pants on the market. Gear Up Surplus has carried the Rothco brand since 2009 and continues to stock only the highest quality items of mil spec, military surplus and tactical gear items. Pair your pair of woodland camo pants with a woodland camo top to complete your BDU uniform. 


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