Products tagged with brass knuckles

Heavy Brass Knuckles - 1/2 LB of Brass
Our popular Heavy Brass Knuckles will add power to your punch! They're made of a 1/2 lb of solid brass and have a compact size for ease of discreet carry. These brass knuckles are heavy enough to drop an assailant when you're put into a self-defense situa
Gothic Brass Knuckle Paperweights
A Gothic cool addition to your office desk or pants pocket, our Skull And Ram Skull Paperweight puts a hurtin’ on any unruly paperwork that comes your way! Crafted of one, solid piece of stainless steel, it is finished with a genuine pewter look. The pape
Brass Knuckles
The compact size and color of these Non-Reflective Black Knuckles make them easy to carry discreetly for self-defense. They have a solid, cast metal construction, making them beefy and ready for action. They also make a great conversation starter when dis
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