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LC-1 "Y" Susbenders
Suitable for universal applications.

Constructed of durable polyester (90-14: Made of Nylon)
Designed to support gear on pistol belts
Fully adjustable webbing via compression buckles
Heavy-duty snap hooks

Condition: Item# 90-14 : Used, Good
LC-2 Kidney Pad with Waist Strap
Offers support, protection & comfort for lower back & kidney area.

Constructed of durable polyester
Adjustable 2” wide waist strap belt with Q-R buckle
Closed cell foam padding
GI Type Alice Clips
G.I. Type Alice Keeper Clip-Belt Slides are replacement clips for the new military field gear.
Alice Pack Frame Straps
Alice Pack Frame Shoulder Straps fit any standard G.I LC-1 packs. Rothco carries a large selection of LC-1 gear and accessories including Alice Pack Frames. ALICE stands for All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment system and was adopted by t
GI Type LC-1 Kidney Pad
GI Type LC-1 Kidney Pad features an over-sized pad that evenly distributes the weight of the military equipment over a large area. The LC-1 Kidney Pad is easy to install and features convenient quick release buckle and is fully adjustable.
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