Tactical Keychain

EDT Khaki Multi Tool
2.75" overall. Tools include: Bottle opener l Carabiner l Flat head screwdriver l Hex/Bit driver l Metric ruler l Pry bar l Ruler l Wire stripper. Black Kydex sheath. 
Monkey Ball Keychain
Made with military strength nylon paracord
Stainless steel ball secured by two lines of nylon paracord
Effective, discreet self-defense key chain
Great for use while walking, running, camping, shopping or traveling
6.5" long overall including key ring

Tactical Keychain

Tactical keychains are a great tactical gear accessory to attach to vests or utilize in every day scenarios. There are several different styles of keychains that can be use for tactical purposes and they all have their own individual perks. Examples of uses include identification, multi-tool, tactical fashion and self defense. 


Blood Type Keychains

Condor Tactical's blood type keychains are a must have for any bugout bag or tactical plate carrier buildout. These simple but useful carabiners are utilized with police gear and by the military. Attached to the tactical carabiner clip is a sturdy and durable nylon with the blood type embroidered on the outside. These useful first aid item come in all blood types and in various colors to help match or stick out on your tactical gear. 


Multi-Tool Keychains

Multi-tool keychains can serve as a genuine multi tool with various useful functions on the device. Beyond the traditional multi-tool gear there are also tactical keychains that are useful with police gear and help with the attachment of various essentials. An example is the tactical key clip by Rothco, which is a best selling item amongst law enforcement. This tactical keychain has a carabiner as well as modular webbing, allowing for it to easily attach to modular tactical vests or duty belts. 


Other Keychains

Other great tactical keychains include the monkey ball or monkey fist keychain and the grenade keychain pouch. The monkey ball is a keychain device that was started by the military. Woven together with paracord this keychain contains an alloy ball (where the term monkey fist comes from) at the bottom and can make for a great self defense item. The grenade keychain pouch is a great tactical gift item or every day use item that is a pouch and keychain in one, shaped like a military grenade. 


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