Tactical Carabiners

Black Nite-Ize S-Biners
The Nite-Ize S-Biners, double-gated stainless steel clips, are ideal for attaching and connecting numerous items together. The dual carabiner has 2 gates that allow you to securely clip your keys, gear, or valuables on one side, and clip the other side to
Nite-ize S-Biner Mirco Lock
The S-Biner Micro Lock is the perfect size to hold and organize keys to rings or for organizing other small items.

Made Of High Quality Stainless Steel
Integrated Durable Plastic Center Lever
Rated To Hold Up To 3 Lbs
Great For Camping Or Everyday U
Tactical Carabiner Set (5 Pack)
Great for secure attachment needs
Easily stock up with colorful 5-pack
Rugged D-shaped tactical design
Tough, lightweight polymer materials
Textured surface for no-slip grip
Approximately 3 1/4" x 2 1/8”

Tactical Carabiner

Utilized by the military, police, campers, hunters and adventure seekers, carabiners are a tactical accessory that can aid in outdoor field activities. This tactical gear must have comes in various shapes and mechanism styles. The ability to quickly and reversibly connect various components make life for law enforcement and military personnel much easier when on tactical missions. Thanks to their utilization with police gear and amongst military surplus, carabiners have now found their way on many top tactical brand item lists. Resulting in tactical carabiners becoming a great lightweight piece of tactical gear to obtain.


Carabiner Design

Carabiners generally come in four various shapes. Oval, D, Offset and Pear/HMS, each shape difference has a advantage to their functionality. The functionality of the carabiners refer directly back to ability to connect to rope or paracord and offset some of the weight distribution. The openings and locking mechanisms for tactical carabiners is another difference amongst them. These attributes often help determine which style of carabiner fire rescue and hunters decide on utilizing.


Tactical Accessories

When choosing to order a tactical carabiner from Gear Up Surplus, buyers can expect fast delivery across the US. Lightweight carabiner keychains are a great item that makes for a great tactical gift for those who enjoy outdoor adventure activities. An item like the tactical paracord keychain by Rothco, is a perfect add on to any tactical backpack or pair of tactical pants. The paracord itself, gives the carabiner a multiple use appeal in situations of survival. Beyond carabiners, Gear Up Surplus offers a wide variety of great tactical gear to help complete tactical loadouts.  

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