Tactical Accessories

Tactical Accessories

When it comes time to get properly equipped with the best tactical gear, additions of specific tactical accessories can be the cherry on top. There are plenty of useful tactical accessories that can make life easier for those who choose to obtain these items. 


Tactical Carabiners

Carabiners are a useful items that can aid in plenty of outdoor and tactical survival situations. With various tactical carabiners available, choosing the right one comes down to preference. A personal favorite is the Paracord Carabiner from Rothco. Not only can the carabiner portion of this tactical keychain be utilized, but the paracord attaching to it's ring results in the perfect tactical survival accessory. 

Tactical Keychains

Tactical keychains can vary in look as well as use, but if ever looking for a great tactical gift, these are sure to impress. The most recommended and popular tactical keychain is the blood type keychains made by Condor Tactical. These are a bug out bag must have and also a great attachment to your tactical vest. Beyond blood type keychain tags, EDT Multi Tool and the Grenade Keychain Pouch each are unique in their functionality. 

Tactical Multi Tool

Tactical Multi Tools also make for a great tactical gift. If an all in one multi tool equipped with pliers, knives and other useful tools or a simple 11 in 1 tactical survival tool that fits in a wallet is desired, you can't go wrong. Both are great tactical accessories to add to any tactical loadout or bug out bag. 

Tactical Suspenders

Tactical suspenders or combat suspenders are designed for comfort and to support the extra weight of the tactical gear mounted to your tactical belt. These can easily attach to duty belts up to 4" in width and are fully adjustable and elasticized. 

Tactical Wallet

When it's time to store cash and cards, a tactical wallet or money clip is a great option. Tactical wallets allow for their owners to also store any concealed carry, police or security badges in their wallet. Beyond that, they are extremely stylish and make users proud when it's time to pay. 


Tactical Watch

A tactical watch is one that is guaranteed to last the test of time, no pun intended. These military style tactical watches are great for field activities and tactical training scenarios. Beyond the ranger style watches, a Fox Tactical SOC Digital Watch can also prove worthy for everyday wear and tear. 


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