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Many people think that tactical gear is a constituent of military surplus and Florida police alone. However, this is not always the case, as hunters, security, campers, and even airsoft and paintball competitors can harness the advantage of any tactical gear. In the modern era, you get the option to choose from a wide variety of tactical gear options. If you plan to buy the best quality tactical gear, like the ones used by law enforcement agencies, without spending a fortune, you should select Gear Up Surplus as your tactical gear store of choice.

Buy the Best Quality Tactical Gifts From Gear Up Surplus

Gear Up Surplus is the most trusted, reliable, and experienced tactical gear store in the Central Florida area and best seller online. We have built trust by offering remarkable service and only the highest quality products to our vast customer base. Gear Up proudly offers the best pricing on the most reliable tactical gear available for purchase online and in store.

Visit our tactical gear store near you if along the Space Coast in the Central Florida area. Our wide array of tactical gear products like Tru Spec tactical waterproof pants, Fox Tactical Plate Carrier Vests, Condor Tactical OCP caps and Rothco tactical concealed carry fanny pack are in stock and ready to ship. All purchases over $50 result in free shipping and through PayPal you can ensure your payment is secure and delivery will be fast and easy.

Some of the most popular tactical gifts online include tactical gloves, tactical hoodies, tactical sling bags, tactical assault panels and much more. For anyone who loves the tactical lifestyle, we are sure to have the perfect tactical gift available.

Why Should You Buy Tactical Gear?

Purchasing tactical gear is not only limited to first responders, security guards or the military. Although they utilize the best tactical gear carried by Gear Up Surplus, everyone should consider buying tactical assault gear for themselves. Tactical survival gear can be the difference in surviving extreme situations requiring self-defense. Items such as body armor, tactical boots, tactical pants and tactical flashlights can prove their worth in more ways than one.

In less extreme situations, tactical gear ordered online from Gear Up Surplus can prove to be fashionable and convenient. Tactical Concealed Carry Hoodies and tactical sling bags are every day items that offer a stylish and convenient look during various settings and situations. Tactical gloves and tactical belts can make an activity like going to the shooting range much more enjoyable.

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Tactical Survival Gear

Tactical survival gear is tactical gear that is essential to surviving certain situations or when faced with time outdoors. Often carried by hunters and preppers, tactical survival gear like tactical shovels, tactical flashlights and tactical backpacks are available for everyone to assist in their tactical loadout or bug out bag buildout. Beyond that, these sort of items, prove worthwhile as tactical gear items for the car or truck. These items remain very affordable and only made by the best quality tactical brands, like Fox Tactical.

Tactical Gear Store

Gear Up Surplus is proud to be considered a tactical gear store along with a military surplus store. By carrying tactical assault gear, we help civilians obtain the highest quality tactical items on the market. If ever in Brevard County, Florida, be sure to visit our brick and mortar front in Titusville or shop our extensive inventory online.

Types of Tactical Gear

Tactical gear itself can be extremely vast and different gear can belong to one or several categories. When searching for a tactical gear store online, the wide selection offered by Gear Up Surplus can be overwhelming. Which is why we have several tactical gear categories to help narrow down your search.

Tactical Clothing

Tactical clothing is gear considered to be more rugged and durable in various terrains and elements. Tru Spec and Condor Tactical make some of the best tactical clothing that is carried by Gear Up Surplus. Tactical Pants for Men and Women is one example of a high quality option that is utilized by first responders, security and every day civilians. Beyond tactical shorts and pants, tactical combat shirts and tactical shirts by Rothco also offer comfort and effectiveness. When ordering tactical clothes online from Gear Up, feel comfortable knowing you are receiving the best quality on the market.

Tactical Bags & Backpacks

Tactical bags are backpacks or pouches that typically contain modular webbing and made of highly durable material. The 5.11 Tactical and Fox Tactical backpacks available in store and online are some of the most popular and best tactical bags on the market. In addition, tactical sling bags and tactical fanny packs offer users a great solution for carrying around their every day essentials.

Tactical Vests

Tactical Vests can be plate carrier vests or airsoft style vests with a holster and magazine pouches. Gear Up Surplus offers various style tactical plate carrier vests complete with modular webbing and the option to pair with body armor. For those, not needing the ability to carry bullet proof plates, a military style modular tactical vest or an Airsoft Cross Draw vest is a great alternative. Most vests also come equipped with a Velcro area, which is great for tactical morale patches.

Other Great Tactical Gear

Beyond what is already mentioned, Gear Up Surplus also offers more of the best tactical gear options on the market. We carry a wide assortment of tactical gloves, tactical holsters, tactical boots, tactical belts and more!

Gear Up also offers our customers a wide range of products, including:

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