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Lightweight Armor Plate Carrier Vest
Lightweight Tactical Vest has stripped away the bulk of a typical tactical vest for an ultra-lightweight fit and feel.

The Lightweight Plate Carrier Vest From Rothco Weighs In Just Over 1 Pound - Making It Extremely Lightweight
Both The Front & Back
Gen II Kangaroo Mag Pouch
Utilize the Condor Outdoor Kangaroo Mag Pouch Gen II as a versatile accessory addition to your loadout. The result of suggestions to our popular magazine pouches from LE/MIL personnel have called for an upgrade to our overall open top exposure for high sp
A Positive Blood Type Tag
Blood type tags are the perfect accessory to keep on you wherever you go. Several different colors and all blood types are in stock. 
Tactical Airsoft Combat Shirt
Tactical Airsoft Camo Combat Shirt is made with a lightweight and breathable 60% cotton/40% polyester chest/back and durable 55% cotton/45% polyester gusseted sleeves.

Lightweight And Breathable 60% Cotton/40% Polyester Chest/Back And Durable 55% Cotto
Hook and Loop Inner Duty Belt
Adjustable w/ Hook & Loop, For Use With Deluxe Triple Retention Duty Belt, Tough Polypropylene Webbing
Hard Knuckle Cut and Fire Resistant Gloves
Hard knuckle tactical gloves have molded goatskin leather knuckles for maximum shielding and protection.

Molded Knuckles Are Surrounded By Water Repellent Goat Skin Leather Which Give These Tactical Gloves Maximum Shielding And Protection
Palm, Finge
Advanced Tactical Adjustable Airsoft Helmet
Advanced Tactical Adjustable Airsoft Helmet is a lighter, more advanced version of Rothco's Base Jump Helmet. The Advanced Adjustable Airsoft Helmet is made of lightweight ABS plastic with 8 diamond shaped vent holes to keep the head cool; 5 removable/ ad
Modular Plate Carrier Vest
Constructed of rugged tactical polyester.

2 side adjustable straps with quick release buckles
Accepts standard 10"x12" armor (not included)
Admin accessory panel with tactical light case, 2 storage pockets and a hook and loop front for ID attachment
Triple Panel Pouch
A multi-use pouch available for a variety of tactical applications.

Holds mags, speedloaders, monoculars
Fully modular compatible
3 affixed pouches
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Many people think that tactical gear is a constituent of the army and FL police alone. However, this is not always the case, as sports, adventure lovers, industrial workers, and even people going out camping can harness the advantage of any tactical gear. In the modern era, you get the option to choose from a wide variety of tactical gear options. If you plan to buy the best quality tactical gear, like the ones used by law enforcement agencies, without spending a fortune, you should select Gear Up as your tactical gear partner.

Buy the Best Quality Tactical Kit From Gear Up

Gear Up is the most trusted, reliable, and experienced tactical gear seller on the online platform. We have thousands of reviews and a vast customer base, which is why you can trust us and our products without any second thoughts. The two things that we never compromise with are our quality and economical pricing, and this is what makes us the leader in the tactical gear industry.

All you have to do to buy tactical gear from the Florida-based Gear Up is to browse through our wide array of online tactical gear products, choose the best one, make the payment, and get the product delivered to your doorstep in the shortest possible time.

Some of the most popular products in our online tactical gear list are double mag pouch, seven pocket chest rig, lightweight armor plate carrier vest, modular plate carrier vest, red dot laser sight, and much more.

Why Should You Buy Tactical Gear?

Suppose you have seen the armed forces or first responders and security forces. In that case, you must be aware that most armed forces and police wear tactical gear or tactical survival gear to deal with challenging situations. So, the main idea of wearing a tactical gear vest or any other type of tactical gear is to fight the risky situation, and the same applies to ordinary people or civilians like you.

What this means is that the best tactical gear available online can also be worn by adventure lovers, campers, security personnel, sports lovers, and various kinds of people apart from law enforcement agencies. The main reason you need tactical gear like new body armor, police gear, a battle belt, tactical vests, deep concealment shoulder holsters, or tactical Kevlar helmets is functionality.

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Practical Use of Tactical Gear

There are various kinds of practical uses of new and surplus police tactical gear, and this is why you should never think that these gears have been designed for military purposes only. Any person can use the tactical gear offered by Gear Up for industrial and domestic purposes—they are not limited to first responders and security forces. For instance, items like combat gloves and our collection of the best plate carriers and belt clips can prove helpful if you plan to camp outside in the Florida heat.

Tactical Gear Provides Added Advantages

Wearing any tactical gear means getting an added advantage over others. All those things that seem pretty challenging with bare hands can turn out to be a breeze with tactical gear, and this is why they are so important.

Types of Tactical Gear

Buy the best quality tactical gear online from FL’s Gear Up at an affordable price and enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

We have a large variety of tactical and surplus police gear, including plate carriers and bulletproof neck protectors, appropriate for any situation and any person. Stay ready at all times with our selection of tactical gear.

Gas Masks

Gas masks provide secure protection from toxic fumes and other environmental contaminants. We stock gas masks from the most reputable and respected brands on the market.

Kevlar Helmet

In the realm of new body armor, getting a proven Kevlar helmet can help you feel the most secure in any potential situation. These helmets provide ample protection against whatever situation you may encounter.

Tactical Vest

The basis for any tactical loadout begins with the tactical vest. Whether you buy it new or from a surplus police gear supply, the vest protects your core and provides a wide assortment of pockets and places to lock in belt clips. In addition, finding the best plate carriers on the market is easier with the help of Gear Up!

Other Wearable Tactical Gear

Our online inventory of tactical gear also features an assortment of bulletproof neck protectors, combat gloves, deep concealment shoulder holsters, and the like. Browse through our online inventory of tactical gear and find the right fits for you!

Gear Up also offers our customers a wide range of products, including:

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