Survival Supplies

Swiss 40mm NBC NATO Gas Mask Filter
New sealed NBC (NUCLEAR BIOLOGICAL CHEMICAL) replacement screw-on canisters with 40mm NATO Thread. The most universal standard used by militaries all over the world. These Swiss made filters come sealed in a waterproof plastic that requires a knife for op
Stainless Steel Portable Camping/Backpacking Stove
Compact and portable, Rothco’s Stainless Steel Fuel and Wood Burning Stove is a must-have addition to your camping gear.

Easily Cook Food Or Boil Water At Your Campsite With The Six-Component Collapsible Stainless Steel Backpacking Stove
Vented Cylin
Hunter Carry System
The Hunter Carry System is a firearm-transportation system that combines the weight distribution and safety of a scabbard with the rapid access of a sling. The chest piece goes on easily thanks to the adjustable 2" wide straps and quick-release buckles; t
8-24 x 50mm Zoom Binocular
Fully Coated Porro Prism Zoom Binocular
Kerosene Lantern
Kerosene Lantern features a classic hurricane style design with a wire covered glass globe.

Perfect For Camping Or To Have As A Back Up Light At Home When The Power Goes Out
Adjustable Wick Letting You Control Brightness Of Flame
Wire Covered Glass
GI Style Stainless Steel Canteen
Stainless Steel Canteen features a screw off cap that attaches to the body of the canteen is perfect for in the field and camping.
Insulate Heavy Steel Made To Insulate In The Coldest Weather
Durable Stainless Steel Design
1.3 Qt For Plenty Of Capacity
Premium Mosquito Zapper
The Premium Mosquito Zapper is built to defend you and your family from dangerous outdoor flying insects. Our patent-pending UV light technology attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects, where they are then zapped by our 360° electrical grid. The Prem
Wearable Mosquito Carabiner
Our Carabiner Repellent features a proprietary blend of essential oils that naturally repels mosquitoes and flying insects. The Carabiner Tag has a reflective logo and lettering for increased visibility while a stainless-steel carabiner quickly attaches t
Bait Station Replacements - 2 Pack
The Bait Station Replacement Tube - 2 Pack features two replacement powdered insect bait station tubes with all-natural mosquito repelling ingredients for use with the Skeeter Hawk Backyard Mosquito Bait Station.FEATURES
• All Natural Powdered Insect Bai
Portable Camping Stove w/Carry Case - Steel Construction, Piezo Ignition, Adjustable Burner
The Trailblazer Portable Camping Stove is a portable and convenient, single burner stove that works great for camping, catering, BBQ’s, and other off-site cooking. The propane stove has a rugged steel body that can withstand high temperatures, making it i
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The only thing certain in life is uncertainty, which is why you should always be prepared to deal with any situation. If you keep waiting for a disaster to hit you to take action, it can turn out to be life-threatening for you! 

It is imperative to stay ahead of everything in life and plan for unexpected events, especially when you are out camping. This is why, instead of waiting for the danger to arrive and damage you in the worst possible way, you should be prepared with some of the best survival supplies available at Gear Up.

Gear Up- The most extensive collection of survival supplies

We at Gear Up offer one of the finest collections of survival supplies, including survival kits, outdoor survival gear, or outdoor survival kits. It doesn’t matter whether you are preparing for camping or looking forward to using a proactive approach against any disaster; finding a survival kit or any other survival supplies at Gear Up is only a few-click job. 

At Gear Up, you will find MRE cases, hero clips, NATO gas mask filters, survival kits, and even universal go-to bags. In addition to this, there are many other kinds of outdoor survival kits available on our website, and the best part is you can buy all the survival kits without burning a hole in your pocket.

Who needs survival gear?

Never be in the misconception that only people living in extreme locations need survival gear as disasters never come with a warning sign and are never confined to a particular area. It doesn’t matter which type of life you live or what precautions you take; you should always be prepared for the worst situations with some of the best survival gear available on our website.

The three perks of buying outdoor survival gear from Gear Up

Everything you need

Whether you are preparing for civil strife, natural disaster, or unnatural disaster, you will find each type of outdoor survival gear at Gear Up. After choosing Gear Up as your survival gear partner, you don’t need to keep hopping from one website to another to find different survival gear types.

Competitive pricing

Another advantage that you can harness by choosing Gear Up as your survival gear partner is competitive pricing. We use our long years of experience and expertise in the survival gear industry to bring you the best products at affordable prices, and this is what sets us apart from all the other online survival gear sellers.

Excellent customer support

All you need to do is get in touch with us by using our contact us page. Our dedicated customer support team will be ready to provide you with all the information you need regarding our delivery, pricing, payment, and company.

You never know when disaster may hit or what you might need while camping. We have plenty of items that are useful for bug out bags, campers, hunters and everyday use.

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