Pop Up Solar Lantern/Charger
Pop-Up Lantern and Charger is a multifaceted light that is the perfect addition for any outdoor enthusiast’s gear collection.

Pop-Up Solar Lantern Can Be Used As A Lantern Or Flashlight
Charge With Solar Energy Or Charging Cable
USB Port For Chargi
MOLLE Solar Panel with Power Bank
MOLLE Solar Panel with Power Bank is a versatile option to power your electronics while camping, hiking, and/or any other situation possible.

Two MOLLE Straps So You Can Attach To Any Of Your Tactical Packs
Includes 5,000 Mah Power Bank To Power You
Solar Camp Shower
Another great camping and survival item! Rothco's Solar Camp Shower includes a hose and shower head, On/Off Control, and holds approximately 5 Gallons of water for use.
Waterproof Solar Power Bank
Waterproof Solar Power Bank has an ABS plastic body with 5V/1.2W monocrystalline cell solar panel for plenty of energy storage.

Waterproof ABS Plastic Body With 5V/1.2W Monocrystalline Cell Solar Panel
3.7V 5,000mah Dual USB Outputs And 5V 1,000mah I
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