Lensatic Plastic Compass
Lensatic Compass is built with a hard plastic case and features an adjustable luminous marching line, floating luminous dial, and magnifying viewer gives essential, precise readings while you are navigating through the wilderness.
Military Marching Compass with LED Light
Military Marching Compass is the perfect versatile compass to take with you on your next outdoor venture.

Marching Compass With Heavy-Duty Aluminum Case (17 X 5.9 X 2.1 CM)
LED Light To See In Darker Lighting
Magnifying Glass For Precise Readings
Military Marching Compass
Rugged metal case
Slide ruler
Liquid filled
Map Compass
ap Compass has guaranteed accuracy and field-proven quality, with its high-visibility, brightly colored dial and clear baseplate to help make map reading and course plotting easier. Features include large, easy-to-read numbers, inch and millimeter measuri
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