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Khyber TR550 OCP ACU Coyote Brown Hybrid Boot
The Khyber series boot has been an extremely popular boot among law enforcement since its release several years ago. Now the Khyber series is available for military personnel in several colors. The Tactical Research TR550 Khyber Men's OCP ACU Coyote Brown
MA-1 Flight Jacket
MA-1 Flight Jacket features a fully reversible rescue orange polyester lining, and a 100% nylon water repellent outer shell to give a classic bomber jacket look. A poly fiberfill lining and zippered front closure and storm flap help keep you warm. The MA-
Hunter Carry System
The Hunter Carry System is a firearm-transportation system that combines the weight distribution and safety of a scabbard with the rapid access of a sling. The chest piece goes on easily thanks to the adjustable 2" wide straps and quick-release buckles; t
Medium Burly Tan Camo Insulated Hooded Jacket
Medium Burly Tan Camo Insulated Hooded Jacket
Camo M-65 Field Jacket
Rothco's Camo M-65 Field Jackets are made to military specifications and are designed to keep you warm and dry.

Field Jacket Is Made To Government Specifications
Water Repellent Poly/Cotton Twill Exterior With Shoulder Epaulets
Removable 100% Polyes
Digital Camo BDU Shirt
B.D.U. Shirts feature a Poly/Cotton Twill material that is durable yet comfortable. The BDU Shirt Jacket offers maximum utility with four large button-down bellowed pockets and front button pocket with a secure flap closure and adjustable button tab cuff
Deluxe Camo 3 Hole Face Mask
Deluxe Camo Facemask offers full coverage face and neck protection against extreme cold weather.

3 Hole Facemask For Eyes And Mouth
Fitted Elastic Neck Ensures Mask Stays In Place
Durable Acrylic Material
Great For All Cold Weather Activities
Dual Rifle Case
This dual tactical rifle bag comes in 36" and 42" and is combat tested to protect and carry two hunting rifles. Inside is an internal padded divider that protects your weapons and is removable to function as a sniper mat.
Tactical Rifle Bag 36"
This tactical rifle bag is 36 inches in length and has modular pouches and interior pockets to hold pistols along with room for your hunting rifle. Making this combat case one of the best tactical rifle bags on the market for hunters and military.
GI Mosquito Bar Net
The G.I. Mosquito Net Bar keeps mosquitos and other bugs away from your sleeping cot, hammock, bed, or tent. A must-have for camping and hunting.
Fine Knit Three Hole Facemask
Fine Knit Three Hole Facemask provides unbeatable complete coverage protection of the face, head, neck, and ears from extreme cold weather.

Knitted Ski Mask Is Made Out Of A Fine Knit Acrylic
3 Hole Design Provides Full Coverage Protection From The El
Spandoflage Head Net
The spandoflage head net is made in the USA with a 50% Poly / 50% Cotton material that will not shrink or fade. Camouflage netting is one size fits most.

Camo Headnet Can Conform To Any Shape And Eliminates Need For Messy Facepaint
Eye Holes Are Not P
SOC-C Tactical Sling
SOC-C SLING CONTRACTOR PAK BLUE FORCE GEARInspired by the needs of Private Security Contractors who often don't know what weapons will be available until their feet hit the tarmac. This SOC-C TM Sling Pak includes our Vest/LCE adapter strap and our Patent
2 Piece Ghillie Parka
Our Ghillie Parka is built with the minimalist in mind. The knee-length jacket with built-in hood is constructed of our full-coverage ghillie material and has a snap-closure front. A drawstring allows the hood to be adjusted. With just two pieces, the Ghi
Cross Draw MOLLE Tactical Vest
Cross Draw vest with ammo pouches, pistol holsters, magazine holders and more!
Large Ultra-lite Digital Woodland Net
Rothco large ultra-lite digital woodland net is made of nylon rip-stop material and measures 7'10" x 19'8" with an effective 3-D digital disruptive pattern. The net has been UV treated to protect it from the sun and is 100% waterproof so the net will not
Ultra-Lite Killer Kamo Net
Effective 3-D Digital Disruptive Pattern 3-D Leaf Like Foliage UV Treated 100% Waterproof Rot/mold Resistant Lightweight Strong And Durable Pliable In Extreme Temperature Ranges Treated To Eliminate Shine And Glare Product Is Not Recommended For Indoor Us
Burly Tan Camo Waterproof Jacket and Pants
Stay dry and warm on your next hunting adventure with a Burly Tan Camo Waterproof Jacket and Pants. These are great for camouflaging as well staying both warm and dry while in the outdoors. 
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When it comes to Hunting gear, there are various items hunters should look into before planning their trip. Ensuring your gear is made of the highest quality and known to last should remain at the forefront. From camouflage clothing to rifle bags and slings to cold weather items, Gear Up Surplus offers hunters the largest variety of military surplus, tactical gear and survival/outdoor supplies. Purchasing from a brand you can trust, ensures that your next hunting trip is a major success. 


Camo Clothing

When it comes to blending in, camouflage clothing offers hunters the best chance to not be seen. With high quality military camo BDU's in stock, hunters can take comfort in knowing that the camouflage pants, tops, t-shirts and jackets from Gear Up Surplus will last and remain effective. Beyond camo tops and bottoms, insulated coveralls and watch caps also ensure success during your next hunt. 


Ghillie Suits and Camo Netting

Gear Up Surplus stocks both woodland and desert camo ghillie suits, parkas, jackets and blind. So however you prefer to hunt, camouflaging amongst nature will never be a problem. In addition to ghillie blinds, camouflage netting also is available and ready to ship. The various sizes of the camouflage netting can be used by self or even over vehicles or camp sites. The leaf like netting is great for deer and duck hunting. 


Rifle Bags, Slings and Tactical Vests

When it comes to carrying your weapon, convenience is very important. The weight of a hunting rifle or crossbow can tire you out over time. That's why purchasing a rifle combat case, rifle sling or hunter carry vest can help distribute the weight and provide a more pleasant experience. In addition, Cross Draw Assault Vests give users the ability to carry extra magazines, pistols, canteens and much more while embarking on their hunt. Gear Up Surplus has you covered when it comes to essential shooting supplies for hunting or the gun range. 

Cold Weather Gear

In colder elements, having the best cold weather gear is also very important. From reversible MA-1 Flight Jackets with a safety orange interior, insulated coveralls, military ECWCS balaclavas, thermals and boots, Gear Up Surplus has the best cold weather gear used by the military. Both camouflage and solid color options are readily made available to ship out the next day to ensure you are warm in colder climates that are experienced. 

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