Emergency Food

SOPAKCO MRE Case - 16 Meals per Case - Low Sodium
SOPAKCO military MRE's with 16 total MREs. These have a package date of October 2018 and an Inspection date of October 2021. Each meal comes with a heater.
Grab and Go Gourmet Food Kit - 60 Servings
Enjoy 60 servings of hearty, nutritious and delicious entrees with this ReadyWise Food Company Grab-and-Go Gourmet Food Bucket. Each meal is made up of both freeze-dried and dehydrated components sealed in Mylar pouches. Simply add water and heat to enjoy
Individual MRE
Individual MRE's from cases of MRE's carried in store and sold online or in store. Each meal has a heating pack and contains a main course along with other side options.
72 Hour Emergency Food Supply
Always be prepared for natural disasters or emergencies with the Wise 72 Hour Emergency Food Supply kit. This kit includes 32 total servings of breakfast, lunch, dinner entrees and drinks. These meals are even ideal for camping or hiking since all you hav
2400 Calorie Emergency Food Ration Bar
The Datrex Blue 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Ration contains 12 ready to eat, high energy superior coconut flavored bars.

Ready To Eat, High Energy Coconut Flavored Emergency Food Bars
Each Emergency Ration Bar Contains 200 Calories
Made Of All Natur
Disaster Survival Kit (3 Days)
A full 3600 calorie food ration bar

6 purified water packes

One 12-hour non-toxic liquid light stick

1 large Mylar emergency blanket

1 basic first aid kit

A complete survival instruction sheet and checklist
Vanilla Flavored Survial Tabs
Survival tabs are a compact, lightweight, life saving food ration for any emergency. Ultra High calorie food tablets provide all essential vitamins and minerals, protein for strength, fat for endurance, dextrose and lactose for fast energy.

Shelf Lif

Emergency and Survival Food are great to have as reserve food at home or in bugout bags in survival type situations. Whether a natural disaster or a food shortage prevents access to food from the local supermarket or you are going camping or hiking, emergency food is great to have. Freeze dried food, survival tablets, emergency food ration bars and MRE's are just some of the options we sell online and in store at Gear Up. 


Freeze Dried Food

Freeze dried food typically offer rich flavor and a home cooked taste. Usually good to eat with just the addition of water and have a long shelf of up to 30 years, the investment offers a long term disaster solution for an at home or gran and go option


Survival Tablets

These compact survival tablets give a lightweight and compact option for easy storage in bags or at home. Designed to last over 15 days emergency survival tablets provide vital ingredients to help your body function. 


Food Ration Bars

Emergency Food Ration Bars give offer a high calorie count if fully consumed. Making these bars a great high energy bar to be stuffed in a go bag or stored on the boat. Also with a long shelf life, these bars are utilized by both the Navy and Coast Guard in emergency situations. 


Meals Ready to Eat or MRE's

Utilized by the military since the Revolutionary War, MRE's give civilians and soldiers alike a full meal consisting of 1,200 calories to help them get throughout the day. MRE's are great to have at the home and when cases are opened, the compact meals can easily be stored in a tactical backpack or survival type bag for emergency use. These are also great to have on camping trips, hunting expeditions or in packs while hiking. 


Regardless of what emergency survival food you choose, Gear Up Surplus offers a large variety of options ready to ship directly to your house today. With one of the largest inventories in stock of military surplus, survival supplies and tactical gear in the country. 


In addition to Emergency Food we also offer a variety of other great survival type items such as: 

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