Bug Defense

G.I. Army Type Insect Repellent
Army Type Insect Repellent is the original G.I Bug Juice!

Army Type Insect Repellent Contains 30% DEET
Effectively Repels Ticks, Mosquitoes, Black Flies, Fleas, Chiggers And More
2 Ounce Repellent Bottle With Spray Top
Wearing Bug Repellent Is The M
GI Mosquito Bar Net
The G.I. Mosquito Net Bar keeps mosquitos and other bugs away from your sleeping cot, hammock, bed, or tent. A must-have for camping and hunting.
Telescopic Fly Swatter with Cushion Grip
Telescopic fly swatters to eliminate flies and bugs from a distance with our cushion grip telescopic fly swatter that extends to 28-5/16” for hard-to-reach areas. Take care of unwanted flies or bugs who will never see you coming with our compact, lightwei
Handheld Electric Bug Zapper
This bug zapper is great to have handy at home, in the workplace, at the park, during sporting events, while camping, and with any outdoor activity.
Snake Bite Kit
Simple, easy to use Snake Bite Kit is a must for any gear bag, first aid kit or bug out bag.

Snake Bite Kit Comes In A Compact Convenient Carrying Capsule
Easy-To-Use Lymph Constrictor
Two Large High Suction Cups For Multiple Bites
One Small High Su
Wearable Mosquito Carabiner
Our Carabiner Repellent features a proprietary blend of essential oils that naturally repels mosquitoes and flying insects. The Carabiner Tag has a reflective logo and lettering for increased visibility while a stainless-steel carabiner quickly attaches t
Unscented Backwoods Insect Repellent
Cutter Unscented Backwoods Insect Repellent is a water resistant bug spray that provides up to 10 hours of protection against Mosquitoes (including the species that transmits the Zika Virus) and also protects against ticks as well as biting flies, stable
Wearable Mosquito Wristband
Our Repellent Bracelet features a proprietary blend of Essential oils that naturally repels mosquitoes and flying insects. The Hook and Loop Closure provides a custom fit and has a reflective logo and lettering for increased visibility. The Bracelet comes
Z Bug Lantern + Light
The next line of bug defense is Z-Bug Lantern + Light. Equipped with bug-attracting NUV LEDs and a 360º bug-zapping electric grid, this lantern & spot light combo will keep your outdoor excursions enjoyable and bug free! The handle easily adjusts to conve
GI Type Mosquito Head Net
military style mosquito head net provides outstanding protection again all insects including mosquitos (including the species that transmits the Zika Virus). The insect head netting features a hoop and ties at the neck.
Mosquito Head Net
Mosquito Head Net is a fine mesh netting that will keep bugs like mosquitoes at bay without inhibiting your eyesight. The elastic neck cord allows for a snug fit. Our netting provides outstanding insect protection.
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