Don't Tread on Me & Molon Labe

Three Percenter Patch
Three Percenter Patch is a 3.25" round patch with the roman numeral "III" encircled by stars. .

Three Perecenter Patch Measures 3.25" Round
Hook Backing
Don't Tread On Me - PVC Morale Patch - Velcro
2¼" round patch
Hook back for attaching to any loop surface
Don't Tread on Me Morale Patch
The Rothco Round "Don't Tread on Me" Morale Patch features a snake with the embroidered text "Don't Tread on Me" around the image.

Don't Tread On Me Patch Measures 3" Round
Hook Backing
Come and Take It Patch
A morale patch featuring the phrase "Come and Take It" as well as the outline of a rifle.

Embroidered With "Come And Take It" And The Outline Of A Rifle
Rayon Threading
Soft Cotton Backing
Strong Nylon Hook
Attaches Easily To Hat Or Jacket
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