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Three Percenter Patch
Three Percenter Patch is a 3.25" round patch with the roman numeral "III" encircled by stars. .

Three Perecenter Patch Measures 3.25" Round
Hook Backing
Patch Attach
Patch Attach is a fast and easy way to permanently attach patches and appliques to clothing and gear. Great for scouts, sports teams, varsity letters and more. No sewing required,

Permanently Attach Patches And Appliques To Clothing And Gear Without Se
Florida State Patch
Ribbed cotton web handle & shoulder strap. Snap hook closure.

1 large main compartment with inner storm flap
Snap hook closure
Shoulder strap with side web grip handle
One Shot One Kill Morale Patch
Let your marksmanship do the talking or just wear "One Shot, One Kill" Patch. Feature a hook backing and are ideal for attaching to our Operator Caps, Combat Shirts or any of our Hook & Loop gear.
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What is the one thing that helps people from Florida and around the country maintain their sense of self in a standard uniform? Patches!

No matter what your uniform is or how you plan on wearing it, embellishing it with morale patches may work wonders to regain your sense of self and project your uniqueness on the standardness of a uniform.

A military uniform without patches is like sneakers without socks. There are various types of patches available at Gear Up to help you personalize your uniform. We can very well say that military patches and other military surplus complete the military look, which is why they are so important.

We offer a wide array of velcro morale patches to our customers, including:

  • Civilian Morale Patches
  • Don't Tread on Me Patches
  • Funny Morale Patches
  • Just The Tip Morale Patches
  • Patriotic Morale Patches
  • Military Morale Patches and Emblems
  • Three Percenter Patches
  • Velcro Backpack Patches
  • Tactical Patches
  • And More!

Military Morale Patches

We at Gear Up try to fulfill all our customers' military gear and clothing needs. This is why we have a dedicated category for Velcro Morale Patches. Here you will find some of the most enticing morale patches that can be worn on operator hats, backpacks, military uniforms and on the airsoft and paintball field. 

Some of the most popular patches available on our website are the American flag patch, Don't Tread on Me morale Patch and 3 Percenter patch. The best part is that stitching these patches to your military uniform is pretty straightforward as well and they come equipped with velcro backing.

My Rights Don't End Where Your Feelings Begin

This is the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Which means we have the freedoms to express ourselves and bare arms. Our morale patches help send subtle yet powerful messages of expression. Whether it's in regards to the 2nd amendment, patriotic pride or humor we are guaranteed to have a patch you'll love. 

We have been selling morale patches for over 10 years and they remain a staple of online and in store. A Tactical Operator Cap paired with a Morale Patch is most certainly the way to go. 

What Do We Have to Offer?

Along with our line of Don't Tread on Me, Patriotic, Just The Tip, and other morale patches, our inventory features a wide range of products and morale generating gear that our FL-based institution proudly offers our customers, including:

Punisher Patches

Hello Kitty, USA, Thin Blue Line and Trump punisher morale patches are just a few examples of what's in our inventory. We also offer several skull and crossbones style patches too. 

USA Flag Patches

The American flag patches are a perfect and subtle way to show your USA pride on operator caps, backpacks or uniforms. Both PVC and Cloth USA flags are made available online and in store.  

2nd Amendment Patches

Whether it's Don't Tread on Me, Come & Take It, Molon Labe or gun humore. We have a wide variety of 2nd Amendment related patches to help Gear Up and accessorize your backpacks, pouches and hats. 

Inspiration & Outdoor Patches

We also pride ourselves in offering several patch styles related to the outdoors, inspirational quotes and Bible verses. These pair great on backpacks or pouches used while hiking. 

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