Military Dress Uniforms

Marine Dress Blues - Red Stripe
Military Issued USMC Dress Blue Pants with Red Stripe. These are used.
Air Force Dress Blue Shirt
Military Issued Air Force Dress Blue shirt - used. Note photo is a stock photo and not actual photo of item. Specify or inquire about the sleeves prior to order. May be short or long.
US Army Dress Jacket
Military Issued US Army Dress Jacket. These jackets are used and chevrons, insignia, buttons and ribbons may vary. Pictures are not for each specific jacket. For inquiries on specific size jackets and features included please call or e-mail.
Marine Issued Tie
The Marine Corps Necktie is worn by male Marine Corps personnel, while female personnel wear the necktab. The necktie is a 3 1/8 inch khaki necktie worn with the service "A"/"B" and blue dress "C" uniforms, but is not worn with the crew-neck service sweat
US Coast Guard Dress Jacket
Military Issued White Coast Guard Dress Jacket - Used
US Marines Dress Jacket
Military Issued US Marines Dress Jacket - Used. Note pictures shown may not be for specific jacket. Chevrons and buttons may vary. For details on specific size jackets, please call or e-mail.
US Navy Dress Jacket
Military Issued US Navy Dress Jacket - Used. Note pictures may not be specific jacket, for more inquiries call or e-mail.
US Air Force Dress Jacket
Military Issued US Air Force Dress Jacket. Chevron ranks may vary and picture shown is not for all jackets. For more questions feel free to call or e-mail in regards to dress jackets available.
Army Dress Pants - Green
Military Issued and use Army Dress Green Pants. Photo is a stock photo.
USAF Dress White Trousers
USAF Dress White Trousers used. Photo is a stock photo.
USMC Dress Green Pants
GI USMC Dress Green Pants - Used. Photo is a stock photo.
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