Military Surplus

.50 Cal Single Round Dummy Rounds
.50 Cal BMG Brass Military Training Dummy Round. (BMG standing for Browning Machine Gun). These are totally inert with no gunpowder in them. The 50 caliber round was used in the M2 machine gun. The M2 has been referred to as "Ma Deuce" and has been in ser
Individual MRE
Individual MRE's from cases of MRE's carried in store and sold online or in store. Each meal has a heating pack and contains a main course along with other side options.
US ISSUED M40 Gas Mask - Item has been in use and not eligible for returns
United States M40 Gas Mask with hood, case and instruction manual. From the late 80s
Half Finger Tactical Engagement Gloves
Back: Flexible-soft plastic armor to protect knuckles during field engagement
Back: Breathable mesh material that is padded and stretchable to conform to a user’s hand
Palm: Padded, abrasion-resistant synthetic leather palm
Palm: Hook & loop closure wr
Military Issued Chemical Protective Suit
Military Issued Chemical Protective suit still in the packaging. Offering your body protection against all sorts of chemicals.
GEN III Military Issued Waffle Thermals - Level 2 - Sand
ECWCS Level 2
Part Of The ECWCS Clothing System
Clothing Grid Fleece Technology
Lightweight Construction
Quick Drying
Elastic Pant Waist Band
Level IIIA Bulletproof Vest
Level IIIA Bullet Proof Vest - protection from a BB gun to a .44 magnum
Khyber TR960Z WP - Waterproof Lightweight Side-Zip Tactical Boot - Black - 8"
The waterproof version of the most popular and beloved boot by Belleville. The perfect boot for those who are on their feet all day, whether it's standing or walking. Made with waterproof materail lined on the inside to ensure that your socks and fee stay
Military Issued NARP CASEVAC BAG - Used
The NARP Casevac Bag, is the framework of the Warrior Aid and Litter Kit (WALK), the official US Army vehicle life-saving kit.  The pack is truly a unique and very versatile design.  These packs were not only designed to hold a complete first and and trau
Polish MP5 Gas Mask w/Filter and Transport Bag - ISSUED - TAN
This like-new gas mask helps to protect the face, eyes and respiratory system against chemicals and radioactive and biological warfare agents in the form of gases, vapors, aerosols and more. The face of the mask is made of plastic and it has one large vie
Digital Camo Boonie Hat
Classic Military Style Boonie Hats are functional & fashionable and made to government specifications.
Baseball Grenade
Baseball Training grenade. Makes for great paperweight, gift idea or perfect addition for military collectors. Bottoms are sawed out and no fuses.
Handmade Katana Samurai Sword - Damascus Steel
The "Black Knight" of lore, embodied in a fierce hand forged katana
Shadowy and mysterious, yet clearly capable, Shinwa’s “Black Knight” Katana embodies the fabled “dark-“ or “black knight” of lore - a rogue warrior loyal to no warlord or king, who fight
MA-1 Flight Jacket
MA-1 Flight Jacket features a fully reversible rescue orange polyester lining, and a 100% nylon water repellent outer shell to give a classic bomber jacket look. A poly fiberfill lining and zippered front closure and storm flap help keep you warm. The MA-
GEN III Military Issued Waffle Thermals - Level 2 - Coyote
Features include anti-microbial material, anti-odor protection, breathable, moisture-wicking waffle grid fleece, zip-up collar, long back-tail & thumb-hole sleeves. This shirt is Level II of Gen III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System.

Military Issued - Improved Rain Suit Parka - ABU
♦ Genuine Military issue

♦ Waterproof sealed and moisture vapor permeable

♦ Roll-up Hood with visor and draw-cords

♦ Underarm zippers for ventilation

♦ Interior buttons for attaching a liner

♦ Two button snap pass through pockets
M1 Garand Bayonet Historical Replica - 15"
The legendary M1 Garand rifle once bore bayonets just like this historically faithful replica. It features a 9 3/4" black coated stainless steel blade and a textured handle for a slip-free grip. "US 1943" is delicately etched on the blade, and our histori
Don't Tread on Me Flag
Gadsen "Don't Tread on Me Flags" available in two colors and various styles. Made with 2 grommets to hang on flag poles with ease.
Military Issued Gortex Parka
Military Issued Gortex Parka
USGI Mess Kit
These military surplus stainless steel mess kits are government issued and a great addition to any bug out bag, camping trip or hiking adventure. Mess kits gives you the ability to cook with them as a pan and to utilize the lid as a compartment for separa
German Issued Flectar Camo Pants - USED
Zipper closure
Machine Wash
Original German military Fleck-Tarn camouflage combat pants
One of the most popular 5-colors BW camo pants featuring two slash pockets, one rear pocket, and two cargo pockets fastened with press-studs
Pants material it's ve
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Long-lasting, durable, useful, fashionable, historical, reminiscent are a few of the reasons customers choose to order military surplus from Gear Up Surplus. 

No matter what your use is or how you're planning to utilize your gear, military surplus has proven throughout the years to be a great bang for your buck. 

A house without some sore of military surplus is like a history museum without artifacts. There are various types of GI surplus items available at Gear Up to help you with storage, usefulness or fashion. Ammo cans help you store ammo and batteries safely. Field Jackets help keep you warm while looking fashionable. And military uniforms like BDU's provide you durability while in the outdoors or give you a fashionable appearance while out. 

We offer a wide array of military surplus to our customers, including:

  •  Military Uniforms
  • Ammo Cans
  • Gas Masks
  • Boots
  • Ponchos & Poncho Liners
  • Jackets
  • Canteens
  • Sleeping Bags & Pads
  • Backpacks & Bags
  • Pouches
  • And More!

Military Surplus

At Gear Up we try to offer our customers a large variety of military surplus and government issued (GI) items, along with items made to military spec and standards. That's why we have dedicated categories for military surplus such as storage, clothing, chemical & fire protection, sleeping, accessories and more. Here you will find some of the best long-lasting military items that will last you for years to come. 

Some of our most popular surplus items are our ammo cans, military bdu's, jerry cans, canteens and helmets. Best part is ordering from us is very straightforward and guaranteed to arrive. 


What Do We Have to Offer?

Although military surplus has become tougher to get our hands on lately, we still have an impressive inventory in stock at your fingerprints. In addition to used and GI items, most of our imported items are also made to mil spec, so that you can still enjoy the benefits of having items that are guaranteed to last. 


Ammo Cans

For a vintage look and a guaranteed safe storage option where you can store ammo, batteries and much more, we offer a variety of Ammo Cans. .30 & .50 Caliber Ammo Cans remain our most popular but other sizes are readily available too! 

NATA Jerry Cans

Let's face it, those plastic gas cans you can buy at hardware stores, are not good. An essential to every man's house is a Jerry Can. These 5 gallon fuel cans keep your gasoline stored safely from the elements and allow your gas to be easily poured in mowers, cars or anything else requiring fuel. They also make for great mounting pieces on vehicles such as jeeps and trucks. 

Thanks to Gear Up you can equip yourself with your own Jerry Can today. 


Kevlar helmets and vintage style helmets are also available when shopping with Gear Up Surplus. Whether it be a Vintage Vietnam Steel Pot Helmet, PASGT Kevlar Helmet, NATO Kevlar Helmet or one of our European surplus helmets, we have the protection for you. 


Military BDU's, ACU's, OCP's and ABU's isn't where our clothing selection ends. We also carry dress jackets, shirts and pants; along with all weather jackets, field jackets, PT Clothing and more. Whether for field use or fashion, we have the surplus clothing you need to feel and look good. 

Field Accessories

Military field accessories might be one the biggest must haves to have on deck. Military Web Belts, military canteens, boot blousers, alice clips, rucksacks, gor-tex gear, military boots, load bearing vests, first aid accessories and more are available online and in store. 

In addition to our military surplus and GI items we have several items that are made to the same specification requirements as the military in stock, including: 

  • Uniforms
  • Boots
  • Ponchos
  • And More
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