Military Surplus

USGI Mess Kit
These military surplus stainless steel mess kits are government issued and a great addition to any bug out bag, camping trip or hiking adventure. Mess kits gives you the ability to cook with them as a pan and to utilize the lid as a compartment for separa
.50 Cal Single Round Dummy Rounds
.50 Cal BMG Brass Military Training Dummy Round. (BMG standing for Browning Machine Gun). These are totally inert with no gunpowder in them. The 50 caliber round was used in the M2 machine gun. The M2 has been referred to as "Ma Deuce" and has been in ser
Marine Dress Blues - Red Stripe
Military Issued USMC Dress Blue Pants with Red Stripe. These are used.
Army Dress Blue Pants with Yellow Stripe - ISSUED - USED
Military Issued Dress Blue Pant with Yellow Stripe - Used
Military Issued Chemical Protective Suit
Military Issued Chemical Protective suit still in the packaging. Offering your body protection against all sorts of chemicals.
SOPAKCO MRE Case - 16 Meals per Case - Low Sodium
SOPAKCO military MRE's with 16 total MREs. These have a package date of October 2018 and an Inspection date of October 2021. Each meal comes with a heater.
Romanian 2-PC Aluminum Mess Kit
Aluminum construction
2 Piece design
Secure latching system
Latching cover w/ handle serves as small fry pan

Condition: Used, Good
Army Multicam OCP Combat Shirt - ISSUED - No Zip
U.S. military genuine issue Army Multicam Flame Resistant Shirt with Zipper.
Features: Light weight, breathable, four way stretch, flame resistant, with moisture wicking fabric. Zipper adjustable collar, integrated anti-abrasion elbow pads. Double pen po
Scorpion OCP Army Combat Uniform
Previously a military exclusive, TRU-SPEC® is now licensed to carry authentic OCP products. Made to current U.S. military specification GL/PD 14-05A using crease and wrinkle resistant CL-8 50/50 CORDURA® nylon cotton vat dyed rip-stop material. The next e
Military Issued Wooden Foot Locker - USED SURPLUS
Genuine issued military foot locker in used condition. Used but in good condition, they don not contain trays and can be made to look brand new with some refurbishing. 
GEN III Military Issued Waffle Thermals - Level 2 - Sand
ECWCS Level 2
Part Of The ECWCS Clothing System
Clothing Grid Fleece Technology
Lightweight Construction
Quick Drying
Elastic Pant Waist Band
SOC-C Tactical Sling
SOC-C SLING CONTRACTOR PAK BLUE FORCE GEARInspired by the needs of Private Security Contractors who often don't know what weapons will be available until their feet hit the tarmac. This SOC-C TM Sling Pak includes our Vest/LCE adapter strap and our Patent
Military Issued Chemical Protective Overgarment NFR Jacket - Woodland Camo
Military Issued Chemical Protective Overgarment NFR Jacket - Woodland Camo - used. Photo is stock photo.
Military Issued Gortex Parka
Military Issued Gortex Parka
Army Issued PT Pants
Army Issued PT Pants
US Army Dress Jacket
Military Issued US Army Dress Jacket. These jackets are used and chevrons, insignia, buttons and ribbons may vary. Pictures are not for each specific jacket. For inquiries on specific size jackets and features included please call or e-mail.
Military Issued Field Jacket
Military Issued Field Jacket
Wellco Army Combat Boot Temperate Weather Size 13W - New - ISSUED
Brand New Wellco Military Issued Army Combat Boots for Temperate Weather
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Long-lasting, durable, useful, fashionable, historical, reminiscent are a few of the reasons customers choose to order military surplus from Gear Up Surplus. 

No matter what your use is or how you're planning to utilize your gear, military surplus has proven throughout the years to be a great bang for your buck. 

A house without some sore of military surplus is like a history museum without artifacts. There are various types of GI surplus items available at Gear Up to help you with storage, usefulness or fashion. Ammo cans help you store ammo and batteries safely. Field Jackets help keep you warm while looking fashionable. And military uniforms like BDU's provide you durability while in the outdoors or give you a fashionable appearance while out. 

We offer a wide array of military surplus to our customers, including:

  •  Military Uniforms
  • Ammo Cans
  • Gas Masks
  • Boots
  • Ponchos & Poncho Liners
  • Jackets
  • Canteens
  • Sleeping Bags & Pads
  • Backpacks & Bags
  • Pouches
  • And More!

Military Surplus

At Gear Up we try to offer our customers a large variety of military surplus and government issued (GI) items, along with items made to military spec and standards. That's why we have dedicated categories for military surplus such as storage, clothing, chemical & fire protection, sleeping, accessories and more. Here you will find some of the best long-lasting military items that will last you for years to come. 

Some of our most popular surplus items are our ammo cans, military bdu's, jerry cans, canteens and helmets. Best part is ordering from us is very straightforward and guaranteed to arrive. 


What Do We Have to Offer?

Although military surplus has become tougher to get our hands on lately, we still have an impressive inventory in stock at your fingerprints. In addition to used and GI items, most of our imported items are also made to mil spec, so that you can still enjoy the benefits of having items that are guaranteed to last. 


Ammo Cans

For a vintage look and a guaranteed safe storage option where you can store ammo, batteries and much more, we offer a variety of Ammo Cans. .30 & .50 Caliber Ammo Cans remain our most popular but other sizes are readily available too! 

NATA Jerry Cans

Let's face it, those plastic gas cans you can buy at hardware stores, are not good. An essential to every man's house is a Jerry Can. These 5 gallon fuel cans keep your gasoline stored safely from the elements and allow your gas to be easily poured in mowers, cars or anything else requiring fuel. They also make for great mounting pieces on vehicles such as jeeps and trucks. 

Thanks to Gear Up you can equip yourself with your own Jerry Can today. 


Kevlar helmets and vintage style helmets are also available when shopping with Gear Up Surplus. Whether it be a Vintage Vietnam Steel Pot Helmet, PASGT Kevlar Helmet, NATO Kevlar Helmet or one of our European surplus helmets, we have the protection for you. 


Military BDU's, ACU's, OCP's and ABU's isn't where our clothing selection ends. We also carry dress jackets, shirts and pants; along with all weather jackets, field jackets, PT Clothing and more. Whether for field use or fashion, we have the surplus clothing you need to feel and look good. 

Field Accessories

Military field accessories might be one the biggest must haves to have on deck. Military Web Belts, military canteens, boot blousers, alice clips, rucksacks, gor-tex gear, military boots, load bearing vests, first aid accessories and more are available online and in store. 

In addition to our military surplus and GI items we have several items that are made to the same specification requirements as the military in stock, including: 

  • Uniforms
  • Boots
  • Ponchos
  • And More
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