Military Surplus, Morale/Military Patches and More

Accessories that are used by military personnel and issued by the government. Patches, insignia, jerry cans, ammo cans, dress uniforms and more! 

Military Issued - NATO Kevlar Helmet - Used
Authentic military surplus - used by Polish NATO troops fighting in Afghanistan; still the helmet-of-choice for Polish forces today
Used, but in great condition. 100 percent functional; only cosmetic defects
Made of advanced Kevlar; stronger than steel
Three Percenter Patch
Three Percenter Patch is a 3.25" round patch with the roman numeral "III" encircled by stars. .

Three Perecenter Patch Measures 3.25" Round
Hook Backing
Nomex Flight Gloves
Constructed from NOMEX® fire resistant materials
Made to U.S. military specifications
Cowhide leather palms for added durability
GI Style Military Helmet
Constructed from non-ballistic ABS plastic
Styled after the US Military PASGT helmet
Adjustable internal suspension
Adjustable chin strap with quick release buckle
Includes metal rivet screws for an authentic look
Great for training, costumes, parade
Military Poncho Liner
Military Poncho Liners are designed after the US military issue poncho liner. They are made from a quilted polyester shell with 100% polyester filling. They have tie in cords for attachment to our GI spec military ponchos, but are ideal as a sleeping bag
60MM Ammo Cans
60MM Ammo Cans in good conditon
Pineapple Grenade
Pineapple Grenade Paperweight
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