Military Patches, Medals, Ribbons & Insignia

Strategic Communications Command - Army Patch
Size: 2” x 2 1/2”
Made In the USA – Military Spec
Flight Suit
Sewn to U.S. military specification FNS/PD 96-17 (MIL-C-23141A)
Constructed from 65/35 polyester cotton twill
9-pocket design
2-way zipper
Front and ankle zipper closures
Zippered pockets
Gusseted back
Hook & Loop Waist Tabs
Pencil pocket on left
2nd Armored Division Patch
This is the shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI) worn by the 2nd Armored Division. The 2nd Armored Division is nicknamed "Hell on Wheels". The tank tread, lighting flash and cannon in the center of the patch are symbolic of mobility , power and speed. The divis
Global War on Terrorism Medal
Global War on Terrorism Medal
Patch Attach
Patch Attach is a fast and easy way to permanently attach patches and appliques to clothing and gear. Great for scouts, sports teams, varsity letters and more. No sewing required,

Permanently Attach Patches And Appliques To Clothing And Gear Without Se
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What is the one thing in the military that helps other branches, units and service member identify you? Accoutrement! Whether it's your rank, achievements or unit patches. 

No matter what uniform you wear, completing it with your units patch, insignia rank, or medals and ribbons achieved help preserve part of your identity.

A military uniform without patches is like sneakers without socks. There are various types of military accoutrement items available at Gear Up to help you complete your uniform. We can very well say that patches and other military insignias complete the military look, which is why they are so important.

We offer a wide array of military accoutrement to our customers, including:

  • Army Patches
  • Air Force Patches
  • Marines Patches
  • Navy Patches
  • Military Insignias
  • Military Medals
  • Military Ribbons
  • Unit Crests
  • And More
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Military Accoutrement 

We at Gear Up try to fulfill all our customers' military needs. This is why we have a dedicated category for military accoutrement, and related products. Here you will find some of the most enticing military emblems and patches that can be worn on every military uniform type.

Some of the most popular patches available on our website are the Army Airborne patches, Air Force WWII Patches and Marines Patches. The best part is that stitching these patches to your military uniform is pretty straightforward as well.

No Offense to Anyone

Many people think that ordering military patches, insignia, medals and ribbons is a direct offense to all veterans. Still, you don't have to deal with such an issue if you choose Gear Up as your military accoutrement patches partner. We have military patches so that you can reminisce, complete shadow boxes and have keepsakes to pass on.

We have been offering active duty members and veterans the opportunity to purchase military accoutrement for years. Whether it's an active duty service member needing an item to pass regulation or a veteran who lost some of their patches or medals. We remain a proud supporter of our military and a business making it easy and reasonable to find what you're looking for. 

What Do We Have to Offer?

Along with insignias, medals, ribbons and military patches, we also offer morale patches and military branded patches. These make for great gifts or forms of expression. 

Military Patches

We have a complete line of military patches on our website, which is undoubtedly the most extensive collection of online patches. Along with military patches, we also offer different types of patches like USA Flag Patches and morale patches. Start browsing our online collection to explore the wide range of flag patches and morale patches on our website.


We have a massive collection of military insignia available on our website and in store. Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard insignia ranks are available in both pin and patch form.

Military Medals

In addition to dealing in patches and insignia, we also offer several military medals. We offer these medals at affordable prices and make sure they are shipped to your doorstep as quickly as possible so you can replace or complete your shadow boxes.

Military Ribbons

In addition to military medals, we also have military ribbons and ribbon holders. To help complete your dress uniforms or shadow boxes.

Unit Crests & Dress Uniform Patches

Lastly a variety of military unit crests and military dress patches are also made available for your ordering.

In addition to our inventory of military patches, insignia ranks, military medals and military ribbons, we also offer our customers a wide range of products, including:

Gear Up is the only Florida-based one-stop shop for all your military surplus patches, military insignia, military medals and military ribbons. So why the wait? Make your purchase today!

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