Hand Forged Crimson Damascus Steel Katana Sword
Inspired by the beauty of Japan's cherry blossom tree, our Shinwa Hand Forged Crimson Damascus Steel Katana is battle ready and display worthy. This sword offers a stunning high carbon 26 1/2" Crimson Damascus steel blade with a blood groove. The metal gu
Genuiene Gurkha Kukri
This hefty beast is the king of edged weapons! This knife is the national symbol and constant companion of the great Gurkha warriors who fought many battles with this iconic weapon leading the way. The cutout is a religious symbol associated with the Gurk
White Knight Handmade Katana Samurai Sword - Damascus Steel
This Shinwa White Knight Katana Sword is perfect for sword collectors and zombie killers alike. The 28 3/4" Black Damascus steel blade has been expertly forged by skilled swordsmiths and then honed to a razor sharp edge. You won't find a functional Damasc
Roman Gladiator Spartan Gladius Sword and Sheath
For hundreds of years the Roman Coliseum echoed with the sounds of clashing swords and the screams of the dying and the triumphant. This sword would have been right at home in such a violent place! Patterned after the gladius used by Roman soldiers, this
Arabian Sands Scimitar Sword w/Sheath
This 25" Arabian style anime fantasy sword has a massive 17 1/2" full tang stainless steel blade that is a pure chopping machine! The spiral design of the hardwood and stainless steel handle is accented by the matching stainless steel guard for a smooth a
Middle Ages Medieval Wire Wrapped Collectible Sword
Crafted and designed with the collector in mind, this top-quality Medieval Master Wire Wrapped Collectible Sword features a high-polish, 32 1/2" stainless steel blade with a deep blood groove on each side. The wire-wrapped handle has an oversized guard an
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