Handmade Katana Samurai Sword - Damascus Steel
The "Black Knight" of lore, embodied in a fierce hand forged katana
Shadowy and mysterious, yet clearly capable, Shinwa’s “Black Knight” Katana embodies the fabled “dark-“ or “black knight” of lore - a rogue warrior loyal to no warlord or king, who fight
Coliseum Sword and Scabbard
The Legends In Steel Coliseum Sword is a high-quality reproduction piece that belongs in any historical sword collection. It has a 21 1/2” stainless steel blade, which extends from a fileworked brass handguard. The ridged handle is dark wood with genuine
Middle Ages Morningstar Mace
You've never seen a mace like this wicked beast! It's the perfect length to deliver devastating blows at medium to short range. It has removable stainless steel spikes and a leather wrapped handle with a skull-crusher pommel. It is 35" in overall length.
Red Dragon Three Piece Imperial Samurai Sword Collection with Stand
You get three times the samurai glory with this sword collection including a katana, wakizashi and tanto sword. Each one features a stainless steel blade with an imitation ray skin and cord-wrapped handle. Decorative accents like the ornamental tsuba and
Genuine Gurkha Kukri
This hefty beast is the king of edged weapons! This knife is the national symbol and constant companion of the great Gurkha warriors who fought many battles with this iconic weapon leading the way. The cutout is a religious symbol associated with the Gurk
USMC Ceremonial Sword
Every historian and sword collector will appreciate the stunning details found in this officially licensed USMC Ceremonial Sword. Exhibiting an ornate and antique style, this handsome Ceremonial Sword features a 440 stainless steel blade with intricate sc
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