2 Side Embroidered USA & Military Boat Flags 12" x 18"
12 x 18 boat flag for the summer days out on the water. These are a great way to show your USA or military pride while out and about.
US Space Force 3' x 5' Flag
US Space Force 3' x 5' Flag
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What is the best way to show your pride for the country you love, the military branch you served or to express how you feel? A Flag!


No matter if it is for a flag pole at your house, a garden flag in your front yard, for your boat days on the water or inside your garage or room. Gear Up Surplus has the largest selection of USA, Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Don't Tread on Me, Blue Line and much more flags online and in store. 


With sizes as big as 4 x 6 flags, to standard 3 x 5 and 2 x 3 flags, we are sure to have the right size flag for your display of pride. Along with different sizes, comes different makes. High quality polyester, embroidered cotton and made in the USA flags are all available for your choosing. 


We offer a wide variety of flag options for our customers, including: 

  • USA Flags
  • Air Force Flags
  • Army Flags
  • Coast Guard Flags
  • Marines Flags
  • Navy Flags
  • Don't Tread on Me Flags
  • Gadsen Flags
  • POW/MIA Flags
  • Thin Blue Line Flags
  • Historical American Battle Flags
  • And More!

Military Flags

At Gear Up we honor our veterans and active service members and give you the ability to show your support and pride too. We have military flags for each branch of the service and have them available in several different styles and sizes. 

Regardless of your branch of service, we have the flag that helps you show your pride both in store and online. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy and soon Space Force will all be available for purchase. 

Don't Tread on Me/Come and Take It Flags

The phrase Molon Abe by the Spartans was a response to their governments attempt to seize their weapons. Fast forward a couple of hundred years later and Texans found themselves running into a similar issue during the Mexican-American War.  From their, the initial Come and Take It cannon flag was formed. Prior to that the Gadsen Don't Tread on Me flag flew during Revolution times when the British attempted to take American weapons. In times of uncertainty, 2nd amendment gear remains a vital way to make a strong political statement regarding ones belief. To help customers make that voice be loud, we carry Don't Tread on Me and several other Come and Take it type flags for Americans to fly. 

Thin Blue Line

Thin Blue Line decals, flags, t-shirts and more are a great way to show your support for law enforcement. In addition, it is a way to give back to our brave first responders by not only showing support but understanding part of your purchase is donated to causes backing fallen men and women killed in the line of duty. Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line flags are available both in store and online at Gear Up Surplus. 


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