21" Expandable Aluminum Baton w/Side Handle
21” Expandable Aluminum Baton with Side Handle collapses down to just 12.5 inches for easy mounting on your duty belt.

Friction Lock Expandable Baton Extends To 21 Inches
Police Baton Features An Easy-To-Grip Rubber Handle
1 Inch Diameter Public Safe
Expandable Steel Baton
Collapsible to make it extremely versatile & portable

Steel shaft
Foam grip
New friction lock
Nylon sheath
Baton with Side Handle
24 Inches Nylon Fiberglass Baton With Side Handle , 24" Long , 1 1/4" Diameter , Lightweight , Nylon Fiberglass , Rubber Grip Handle , One Piece
Expandable Baton with Sheath
Around the world, police officers and security guards are switching from bulky night sticks to this more compact, telescopic Expandable Steel Baton.

Design: This high quality, eight-inch solid steel baton expands to 21 inches.

Locking Feat
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