Medieval Costumes

Coliseum Sword and Scabbard
The Legends In Steel Coliseum Sword is a high-quality reproduction piece that belongs in any historical sword collection. It has a 21 1/2” stainless steel blade, which extends from a fileworked brass handguard. The ridged handle is dark wood with genuine
Middle Ages Morningstar Mace
You've never seen a mace like this wicked beast! It's the perfect length to deliver devastating blows at medium to short range. It has removable stainless steel spikes and a leather wrapped handle with a skull-crusher pommel. It is 35" in overall length.
Medieval Knight's Helmet
You need the proper head gear when you’re storming the castle! Our Medieval Knight’s Helmet will guarantee you protection from arrows flying because it’s constructed of 18-gauge steel with a polished finish and steel stud accents. The ridge-top helmet has
Crusader Helmet with Brass Fittings
The "Great Helm" offered its user excellent protection and its numerous holes provided breathability. Our reproduction helmet flawless mirrors this iconic Middle Ages military headgear. Constructed of heavy gauge carbon steel, this classic helmet is great
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