Swiss M71 Compact Stove with Fuel - New - Olive Drab

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The Swiss M71 Compact Stove with Fuel has a compact size, making it suitable for bug out bags, backpacking/camping survival kits, and other activities. The fuel ignites easily with a match, and the gel fuel is reusable until totally burned, lasting up to 2 hours. The metal stove sits on top of the can and provides a sturdy cooking surface, perfect for a small pot or cup. The screw off cap extinguishes the flame and seals the fuel, allowing you to reuse it.


  • Compact design, ideal for bug out bag, backpacking/camping survival kits and more
  • Fuel lights easily with the strike of a match
  • Gel fuel is reusable until completely burned off and lasts up to 2 hours
  • Metal stove positions on top of can and provides a solid cooking surface; ideal for small pot or cup
  • Screw off cap: can be used to extinguish flame, seals fuel for next use


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