Level IIIA Bulletproof Vest
Level IIIA Bullet Proof Vest - protection from a BB gun to a .44 magnum
Alpha Ballistic Plate - Level III - Only 3.3 LBs
The BulletSafe Alpha Plate is an ultralight, Level III plate.
The BulletSafe Alpha Plate offers NIJ 0101.06 Level III protection at 3.3lbs and $249. It is the best-value, ultralight, level III rifle-resistant plate on the market.

Our Ultralight Level
Lightweight Ballistic Plate - Ceramic
BulletSafe Ballistic Plates offer Level IV protection when used in conjunction with the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest. Adding ballistic plates to your Level IIIA Bullet Proof Vest gives you the highest level of protection available. This combination protect

With the most reliable and affordable bullet proof items in the market, BulletSafe continues to separate itself from it's competition and partners with Gear Up down in Florida. 

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