5ive Star Gear

First Punch - PVC Morale Patch - Velcro
Durable PVC plastic construction
Easy to remove and reattach to any loop surface with hook material sewn directly to the patch
Stain resistant and wash clean with soap and water
3.25" x 2"
Titanium Ice Pick
100% titanium construction
9" overall length with 4" handle
Made in USA
Defense Wrench
Device offers three distinct defensive impact striking surfaces engineered to generate maximum power with minimal effort
Survival Handerchief
Survival Handkerchief/Bandana provides basic survival information including setting up a campsite, finding the North Star, some basic knots, hiking safety, first Aid, food safety, clothing and weather conditions, hydration and waterborne diseases, animal
Pocket Survival Tin
High quality, lightweight, anodized aluminum tin with locking roller clasps. Includes rubber seal within the lid for airtight storage for personal survival equipment. Anodized aluminum tin will not react with acidic foods so you can use these as emergency
Emergency Purified Drinking Water
These Emergency Drinking Water rations are the gold standard of water rations. Each individual serving of filtered fresh water is bagged in a specially designed polymer-foil sachet. To consume just tear open at the mark and sip straight from the bag. The
GI Style Military Helmet
Constructed from non-ballistic ABS plastic
Styled after the US Military PASGT helmet
Adjustable internal suspension
Adjustable chin strap with quick release buckle
Includes metal rivet screws for an authentic look
Great for training, costumes, parade
Kevlar Trip Line
This Kevlar® Trip Line is a new generation trip line that is constructed of multi-filament silicon coated Kevlar®, allowing great flexibility and ease of deployment while avoiding the hassles of metal trip wire and is compatible with most trip-activated d
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