5ive Star Gear

GI Style Military Helmet
Constructed from non-ballistic ABS plastic
Styled after the US Military PASGT helmet
Adjustable internal suspension
Adjustable chin strap with quick release buckle
Includes metal rivet screws for an authentic look
Great for training, costumes, parade
Self Defense Impact Kerambit Tool
Low profile self-defense device constructed of lightweight indestructible plastic
Sized to fit in pocket
The ring and tip of the L-shaped section are designed to put your wrist at its strongest natural angle
Due to unique design, you need never let go
Military Poncho Liner
Military Poncho Liners are designed after the US military issue poncho liner. They are made from a quilted polyester shell with 100% polyester filling. They have tie in cords for attachment to our GI spec military ponchos, but are ideal as a sleeping bag
Ranger Pace Counter
Pace counters are a must for any outdoor land navigation to count distance walked. They are accurate day or night and can track up to 5,000 meters (3.1 miles) of recorded distance with no mechanical parts that can fail in the elements. It will help to mak
Survival Spoon
Survival Spoons combine a spork, screwdriver, pry tool, 3 metric wrenches in a simple all-in-one compact tool. It comes equipped with a small carabiner for attaching to equipment or clothing. Easily enjoy a meal or make an emergency fix while on the go, c
First Punch - PVC Morale Patch - Velcro
Durable PVC plastic construction
Easy to remove and reattach to any loop surface with hook material sewn directly to the patch
Stain resistant and wash clean with soap and water
3.25" x 2"
Windproof & Waterproof Storm Matches
Having the ability to light a fire in a survival situation can save lives, and these 5ive Star Gear® Windproof/Waterproof Storm Matches allows you to do that. The waterproof container includes 20 matches with a striker surface on top and bottom. Unlike ot
2" x 3" Signal Mirror
Signal Mirror is a lightweight, virtually unbreakable mirror with a precision sighting hole and reflective screen that reflects sunlight for miles. It is effective even on overcast days and a classic must-have for any survival kit. Item is compatible with
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