Military & Tactical Boots and Accessories

Duke Cannon Grunt Foot & Boot Powder
Duke Cannon Grunt Powder is designed to keep your feet dry, friction-free, and odorless. This item is made for 12-hour workdays, not 30-minute webinars.

Activated Charcoal To Deodorize
Tapioca Starch To Keep Dry
Soothing Menthol & Eucalyptus Oil
Khyber TR960Z WP - Waterproof Lightweight Side-Zip Tactical Boot - Black - 8"
The waterproof version of the most popular and beloved boot by Belleville. The perfect boot for those who are on their feet all day, whether it's standing or walking. Made with waterproof materail lined on the inside to ensure that your socks and fee stay
Khyber TR550 OCP ACU Coyote Brown Hybrid Boot
The Khyber series boot has been an extremely popular boot among law enforcement since its release several years ago. Now the Khyber series is available for military personnel in several colors. The Tactical Research TR550 Khyber Men's OCP ACU Coyote Brown
Uniform Hi-Gloss Oxford Dress Shoe
High Gloss Oxfords are lightweight and have a mirror finish for easy care.

High Gloss Uniform Oxfords
Lightweight Construction With A Mirror Finish For Easy Care
Oil Resistant Polyurethane Coating
Removable Cushion Sole For Added Comfort
Fully Stit
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Whenever talking about military looks, the first thing that pops up in most people's minds is footwear. Military footwear is entirely different from everyday footwear, making them look unique, stylish, and sophisticated. The unique look and sturdy nature of footwear make it one of the most selling items in the military surplus gear category. From tactical boots to military combat boots, every footwear in our military gear category gives a unique look and feel. 

Now, what can be a better place to shop for military footwear than Gear Up? None! 

Shop for the best footwear at Gear Up

We at Gear Up have the most extensive collection of military footwear that will perfectly align with your needs. We have every military footwear that you can think of, from uniform hi-gloss oxford dress shoes to maritime assault low shoes. We even have some of the best tactical boots, military combat boots, and composite toe shoes in our category. In addition to this, we have the best tactical boots for women as well.

The time of the year doesn't matter when it comes to finding the best tactical boots; you can find them at Gear Up all year round. The signature black army boots and the unique Vietnamese-style jungle boots are some of our best sellers that we have available on the website at all times. Our military-issued gore-tex boots and the tactical utility oxfords are also some of the top choices.

More than just boots

Unlike most brands, Gear Up doesn't just deal in lightweight tactical boots and composite toe shoes but also numerous other products. Our product portfolio also includes several care products that may help you keep your footwear as good as new for as long as you like. 

Some of the waterproof tactical boots care products we offer are steel shoehorn and kiwi high gloss shoe polish. We are currently working on extending our list of footwear care products.

The three advantages of buying footwear from Gear Up

Long-life- Military footwear are known for their long life, and no one wishes to replace their footwear with a new one even after 3–4 years. This is why we make sure that all the footwear products we offer through our website have a long life. In addition to this, all our footwear products are low-maintenance as well.

Can be used anywhere- All the footwears enlisted on our website can be used on every type of terrain and will not have you deal with any issue while using it on mud, sand, underwater, and even on the most challenging terrain.

Best quality- The one thing we never compromise on is our product's quality, including the footwear collection. It doesn't matter the type of footwear you buy from us; you will always get the best quality. Our bid to keep the quality maintained is exactly why we have such an extensive consumer base from all around the world.

Protecting your feet is a must for anyone. A large variety of footwear is in stock. Tactical Boots, Jungle Boots, Military Boots, Hi Gloss Shoes, Hiking Boots, Tactical Shoes and Mud Boots!

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