Survival Manuals and Handbooks

Survival Manual
A must have for any survivalist, outdoor enthusiast, prepper or reader. With great tips on how to survive with things around you if you are out in the wilderness.
Essential Survival Quick Reference Guide
The Survival Quick Reference Guide is a simplified folding guide to the basics of survival skills because the future is never guaranteed, and anything can happen. It includes sections on finding and collecting water, starting a fire, building a shelter, h
Survival Guide - Water, Fire, Shelter & First Aid
It is vitally important to possess knowledge of basic survival skills because the future is never guaranteed and anything can happen! The knowledge that has been compiled in our SHTF Survival Guide covers the most basic steps of survival that are needed w
First Aid Quick Reference Guide
Our First Aid Quick Reference Guide is a simplified folding guide to the basics of giving first aid because you just never know when that skill might be needed. It includes sections on heat illnesses, sprains and breaks, bleeding and detailed illustration
Booby Traps Field Manual
This reprinted Army Booby Traps Manual covers US, Japanese, German, British, Soviet, Chinese, and Korean booby trap methods. In this book, you get decades of knowledge on the materials, devices and standard ammunition items used, plus, improvisations, ins
Booby Traps Field Manual - Compact Folding Guide
The Booby Traps Field Manual is a simplified folding guide to the basics of setting up a few simple, well-placed measures to protect your family and property. It includes sections on different perimeter alarms and booby traps with detailed illustrations a
CIA Black Book of Boobytraps
Learn from the pros and master everything you need to know about boobytraps with this C.I.A. Black Book of Boobytraps! This army field manual reprint is a must-have for all preppers and military enthusiasts, teaching you the ins and outs of booby-traps an
Top Secret Manual - More than 250 Pages
Now you can, for the first time, get a book that has been unavailable to the public for a long time! Used by Seals, Rangers and the CIA, the Top Secret Manual is a guide that has been used in the field for years by elite forces. This handbook includes cha
Improvised Munitions Handbook
This reprinted Army Field Manual covers the manufacture of explosives and propellants, mines, grenades, small arms weapons, ammunition, mortars, rockets, incendiary weapons, fuses, detonators. Each paperback manual has detailed diagrams and illustrations.
Reservist's Money Guide 1st Edition
Reservist's Money Guide 1st Edition
Aircrew Survival Pamphlet
Military Issue Manual This Is A Very Good Book On Search And Rescue Combat Survival And Evading The Enemy Regardless Of Geographic Location Or Climatic Conditions Good Chapters On Camoflauge And Movement Survival Medical And Method For Avoiding Illness We

Survival field manuals, reference guides and military handbooks catered to helping you survive regardless of the situation faced. Great reads for any military surplus book collection or as an addition to bugout bags. These military field manuals are great for anyone into outdoor activities like camping, hiking or hunting. In addition, the handbooks prove worthwhile for survivalists, preppers or those living in areas that can be effected by natural disasters and require emergency preparation. 

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