Self Defense Manuals and Handbooks

CIA Black Book of Boobytraps
Learn from the pros and master everything you need to know about boobytraps with this C.I.A. Black Book of Boobytraps! This army field manual reprint is a must-have for all preppers and military enthusiasts, teaching you the ins and outs of booby-traps an
Silencers Manual
This manual presents physical and functional descriptions and evaluation of various domestic and foreign silencers and silenced small arm weapons. Included are cross sectional drawings and external view photographs of all the systems tested. An evaluation
Top Secret Manual - More than 250 Pages
Now you can, for the first time, get a book that has been unavailable to the public for a long time! Used by Seals, Rangers and the CIA, the Top Secret Manual is a guide that has been used in the field for years by elite forces. This handbook includes cha
Booby Traps Field Manual
This reprinted Army Booby Traps Manual covers US, Japanese, German, British, Soviet, Chinese, and Korean booby trap methods. In this book, you get decades of knowledge on the materials, devices and standard ammunition items used, plus, improvisations, ins
Booby Traps Field Manual - Compact Folding Guide
The Booby Traps Field Manual is a simplified folding guide to the basics of setting up a few simple, well-placed measures to protect your family and property. It includes sections on different perimeter alarms and booby traps with detailed illustrations a
Knife Throwing Book
By Blackie Collins. 31 page paperback
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