When Should I Buy a Hydration Pack?

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When Should I Buy a Hydration Pack?

Whether you are on a long hike in the woods or taking part in an endurance race, staying hydrated is at the top of the priority list. While having a water bottle can prove a valuable tool in your wilderness survival kit, they have a relatively limited amount of water they can carry before becoming overly cumbersome. When you need easy access to water to save your life, you want to have a ready water supply on hand. Hydration backpacks may prove the solution to your water problems!


What are Hydration Packs?

The first thing wilderness survival courses will preach is having enough clean drinking water to sustain yourself. Survival situations can take turns for the worst based entirely on how hydrated you are when facing a crisis decision. Hydration packs allow you to have an increased water reservoir capacity on these long treks. 


With these backpacks dedicated specifically to carrying more water, hikers have a handily portable pack with an accessible water supply. Staying hydrated keeps your energy up, better maintains your mental faculties, and enables you to make quick and decisive decisions. 


How Do They Work?

Most hydration packs come equipped with a bladder that can hold upwards of 3 liters of water at a time. Connected to the bladder is a tube with a pressure-sensitive bite valve that allows you to drink when you need it and not worry about accidental spills. Properly securing your shoulder straps enables you to adjust the comfort levels to where you need them to remain in good condition for the long haul. 


How Do I Pick the Best One for Me?

Picking the ideal hydration pack for your needs requires a combination of researching quality brands and identifying your specific needs. If you are an experienced hiker, you’ll likely know how long your average hikes turn out to be, and knowing this distance can help you pick what size hydration bladder meets your needs. 


When choosing your latest hydration pack, one of the most crucial considerations includes how much it weighs once it’s filled up with water. Depending on the length of your hike and how strenuous the terrain is, that extra weight can throw off your balance and tire you out faster. The extra weight becomes less of a concern on shorter hikes since you won’t be out for as long. However, you have to strike the right balance between how much water you want to bring and how much weight you want to carry on the longer hikes. 


Personal preference, physical fitness, and the brands you choose directly affect which hydration pack you choose. In Gear Up Surplus’ inventory, we feature a range of hydration packs from some of the top brands on the market for you to choose from! With packs equipped with 2.5-liter water sleeves, you can find the perfect balance between added weight and hydration for your next hike! 


Why Shop Anywhere Else for a Hydration Pack?

Finding the right hydration pack becomes critical for hikers looking to improve their wilderness survival gear becomes critical for taking their adventures to the next level. Thanks to Gear Up Surplus’ entire inventory of hydration packs and more, this process is a breeze. Or maybe you need a resupply of Army-issued insect repellent — we can help you there as well! Browse through our hydration backpacks and other survival gear to find your new favorite one today!


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