Understanding a Bugout Bag's purpose

Understanding a Bugout Bag's purpose

An item known for years amongst survivalist and doomsday preppers is a bugout bag. However, since the world shutdown in 2020, more and more people are starting to recognize the importance of a Bugout Bag or a "go" bag. In laments terms, it is an emergency bag with essentials in case of an emergency. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at what exactly a bugout bag is, why everyone should have one and the different types of bugout bags. Over the course of the year, we will go in depth with the actual items to include in the bugout bag and their uses.


What is a Bugout Bag?

A bugout bag is backpack or bag packed with survival supplies that are ready for use in case of an emergency. That emergency includes rapid evacuations, pandemics, plagues, natural disasters and even zombies. Granted, the latter is farfetched, but with the way this world is going, who really knows. This “go” bag should contain critical items that can help you survive for at least 72 hours. The contents in the bag can vary by person and situations, but a bare minimum of 3 days’ worth of supplies should be accounted for.


Why Have a Bugout Bag?

Essentially an emergency bag offers a peace of mind should an extreme situation be felt. The pack helps owners feel prepared during various extreme measures. These measures include evacuations and unaccounted for disasters. Many people are met with mandatory evacuations during times of natural disaster or war. Should a situation requiring evacuation be met, having a bag ready to go helps offer a peace of mind. Leaving your place of residence, that’s equipped with shelter and hopefully a stockpile of food, should be a last resort option. However, if a natural disaster or a gas leak or a fire requires evacuating, the grab and go bag will allow you to survive for at least the next 3 days. In mandatory evacuations, victims are typically directed where to go to find haven. In this case scenario, the emergency pack will have important medication and documents needed. However, in the unexpected instances, a nature route should be planned for ahead in case living off the land becomes the only option. When packing your bugout bag, weather and a safe trusted area should be accounted for ahead of time.


Different Types of Bags

3 Day Bag

There are several different types of bugout bags that can be packed and ready to go depending on the situation. Having one bag for everything is not realistic when considering the weight and size. The most important pack to be composed is a “shit hits the fan” scenario bag. These packs are typically a medium to large size backpack with 3 days’ worth of contents inside. This is the pack that should contain only essential items, documents, and medication. One that is nearby and easy to grab and go with. Think living off the land and being able to survive.


Get Home Bag

A get home bag is one that should be always on you or in your vehicle. A small or medium size bag that accounts for 1-2 days’ worth of supplies. This can come in handy in situations where your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere or you must suddenly abandon your vehicle and location and get out. This should contain essential items to not only survive but also to seek help.


Other Bags

Other bags to consider include a bag to help with survival during chemical/nuclear instances. Protection against dangerous chemicals and gases makeup the content of these sorts of bags. Making the accumulation of items a little trickier. Another great bugout bag to have at the ready is a Tactical Assault/Self Defense type pack. This bag also should get you by for 1-2 days until you can reach your safe house or place. Survival essentials and extra ammo and magazines should immerse this bugout bag. In addition to this pack, a tactical buildout should compliment this pack, which we will discuss in a later blog post.


Determining Which bugout Bag is Right for You

Accumulating all these bugout bags can be costly and timely, so choose the ones you can currently begin to accumulate. An essential 72-hour pack and a Car pack should rank high on everyone list. It’s important to keep in mind that you keep your pack under 30lbs, so it is easy to carry and maneuver around with. Also, don’t be scared to ask questions and try out the items inside your bugout bag. Every bugout bag should be updated and checked over every 3-6 months. Allowing for expired items to be replace and newer more updated items to be explored.



At Gear Up Surplus, we proudly help many citizens accumulate their perfect bugout bag. We do not necessarily have everything for every pack but have enough supplies to help with a solid basis. From quality tactical backpacks and bags to survival essentials. We proudly offer a wide range of critical items to help ensure you are comfortable with reliable items for your bugout bag. Over the course of the year we will continue to discuss various essential items to help with your bugout bag buildout. Including a video series showcasing items and concepts in depth. Any sort of feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Feel free to drop a comment below and share to social media platforms and with others so that everyone can begin their bugout bag journey.



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