The Gear Up Buying Guide: Which Self Defense Item is Best, if You Don't Conceal Carry?

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The Gear Up Buying Guide: Which Self Defense Item is Best, if You Don't Conceal Carry?

Are you sending your kid off to college? Work late nights? Or do you shop at a grocery store that might have some suspicious people? Having the right self-defense item on hand can make the world of a difference. There are several great options out there that can act as a deterrent and/or cause damage to a potential attacker. Not everyone has their concealed carry nor wants to carry a weapon on them. This guide will help point you in the direction of the best type of self defense items for your comfort level.


Types of Self Defense Items

The self defense item you keep on hand should be something you are comfortable using, can carry easily and remains discrete. Every person will vary with their comfort level, but there is something out there for everyone.


Pepper Spray

The most popular go to self defense item on the market today is pepper spray. Used by law enforcement and security teams for years, it is now a popular choice among civilians. Pepper spray can come in many different forms and sizes. The pepper spray to keep on person depends on how discrete you really want to go. The type we prefer is our Police Force Keychain Pepper Spray, this is easy to use and even easier to always carry.


Stun Gun

A great option that packs a punch in addition to deterring potential predators is a stun gun. The sound alone while activated is enough to scare off an attacker. In addition to the scary zap, the punch packed by the voltage is high enough to knock a grown man off his feet. The longer a stun gun is held, the more damaging and effective it is. Stun guns come in many different sizes and variations, it’s important to equip yourself with one you are comfortable with. Discrete iPhone looking ones, flashlight looking ones, pain pens, key rings and key chains are a few options you can choose from.


Self Defense Keychains

A stylish yet effective option is a self-defense keychain. These keychains pose as a cool addition to your keys but will act as a self defense mechanism. Each is equipped with holes big enough to fit your hand through, so if punches need to be thrown, they will pack a little extra bang.



Lastly, a great way to draw attention without having to take any assertive action is by equipping yourself with an alarm. From lipstick disguised alarms to keychain alarms that function as flashlights too, these let off decibels as loud as a jet engine that guarantees attention be drawn in your direction. 



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