Tactical Plate Carrier Buildout: Things to Consider

Tactical Plate Carrier Buildout: Things to Consider

Tactical Plate Carrier Build Out


A tactical plate carrier is a tactical vest that has the ability to hold ballistic plates in the front, back and sometimes the side of the vest. Resulting in protection for users from the potential of bullets making contact. There are various levels of ballistic protection and each user will have to make a determination on which level they prefer based on weight and situation. A plate carrier loadout is one that is built with the intention of being used in extreme circumstances or for tactical missions. The plate carrier itself is a tactical gear must have and the modular accessories that attach to the tactical vest enhances the user experience.


Factors when buying plate carrier

When purchasing a tactical vest, many factors are weighed by the tactical community. First and foremost, is the ability to field ballistic plates. There are tactical vests and tactical plate carrier vests, the latter is one that is often utilized by law enforcement, military and security in situations requiring protection. The next factor to consider is the modular element, having a MOLLE compatible vest with modular webbing allows for constant enhancements and adaptations of your vest. Certain vests have holsters, magazine pouches and admin pouches already sewn on to the tactical vest making it a great all in one option. The positive is not having to purchase this extra tactical gear, the downside is the inability to customize your vest for certain situations or preferences.



Tactical Plate Carrier Loadout Must Haves

When building your tactical plate carrier loadout, there are five main points of tactical gear emphasis.


  • Ballistic Plates - In an ideal world, equipping your plate carrier vest with Level IV ballistic plates makes the most sense. Unfortunately, that decision is not always the most simple. Sure ceramic level IV ballistic plates provide the highest form of protection, but they also add weight and are the most costly option. Due to the price, many opt for Level III+ Steel plates to save on the money. The downside is steel plates are even heavier and although they do offer protection from rifle rounds, they are limited to only non-automatic rounds. Lastly, level IIIA protection gives users an affordable and protective option for their tactical plate carrier loadouts. Easily the lightest of the three ballistic plates option but limited to protection of only handguns. For most, this is a great starting point with the ability to purchase higher protection levels down the road or on one side of the vest. When considering which option to proceed with, users should consider their endurance level, financial situation and possible scenarios at hand.


  • Tactical Ammo Pouches – When building your tactical vest, ammo pouches should be at the foresight. When involved with tactical missions, the chances of running out ammo is high. Depending on the weapon you intend to carry should determine your ammo pouch of choice. Most tactical missions require a handgun and a rifle for optimal success. This means that two sets of tactical magazine pouches should be obtained. One for pistol magazines and one for rifle magazines. The style of magazine pouches include, close top and open top and the total number of magazines inserted. It can range from single mags all the up to six magazine pouches. Once again, weight and ease of access should be a determining factor.



  • Tactical Medical Pouches – MOLLE Medical pouches are a must have for any tactical loadout or bugout bag. A modular pouch containing essential medial items should be easy to reach and locate on your tactical vest. Beyond an all-in-one essential pouch, military tourniquets and their pouches should also be attached to the plate carrier in situations of combat. These are trusted by the military and can result in saving the lives of those in the field.



  • Tactical Admin Pouches – Admin pouches can range from radio holders to tactical cell phone pouches. These are pouches of various sizes that can hold essential items used in the field. Weatherproof notebooks and tactical pens are two examples of some great items to keep in a tactical accessory pouch. Other items can include maps, currency, ID’s and more. Consider the use of your buildout and then determine which pouch option is best for your tactical vest.



  • Mission Specific Gear – Mission specific tactical gear can be a vague thing from initial reading. But, it truly requires thought for what the potential scenario at hand you are preparing for. The military have different vests buildouts for different missions they are facing. Some examples for some buildout missions can be a vest focuses mostly on survival from chemical threats. This vest would be tailored to tactical gear pouches that can hold gas masks and chemical protective items. Another mission can be one more combative, where a potential war zone is being faced and the focus around a tactical vest includes easily accessing ammo and other weapons.



Gear Up with Gear Up

Building your tactical plate carrier is a process that takes time, thought and effort. There are several different factors to consider during your buildout and it can be overwhelming at times. By shopping with Gear Up Surplus, we are happy to assist you in any questions that may arise during this process. We also proudly offer the best prices on the highest quality tactical gear so you can rest assured knowing that your tactical buildout is one that will last and help you accomplish the mission at hand.


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