Tactical Plate Carrier Buildout: Choosing Your Vest

Tactical Plate Carrier Buildout: Choosing Your Vest

When it comes time to assemble your tactical buildout there are plenty of directions to go. In this blog, we continue to focus on building out your plate carriers and what to consider when choosing your tactical vest. With plenty of brands out there offering tactical vests there are certain items which need to be considered before making your final purchase. 


Ballistic Plates

When embarking on a plate carrier buildout it's important to determine what kind of protection you desire. From side plates to the size of your front and back plates. Most vests are made to carry at least 10 x 12 ballistic plates. However, not all vests are equipped to carry side plates or are able to house bulletproof places exceeding 10 x 12. So, when looking for your vest determine the size of plates you will need to cover your vital radius. For bigger and taller people, plates 10 x 13 or even 11 x 14 may be the right route to go. 


Modular Webbing

The next thing to ensure ultimate success is purchasing a vest that is MOLLE Compatible. Meaning the vest itself has modular webbing sewn in on the front, back and even the sides (if applicable). This allows your buildout to be properly equipped in situations faced. The modular webbing permits MOLLE Compatible holsters, mag pouches, admin pouches, first aid pouches and more to be attached to the vest easily and safely. 



Padding on the vest is an often unaccounted for but important feature for each vest. Padding should be located both inside the front and back areas of the vest against the body and on the shoulder areas. The shoulder area padding helps soften blow from firing of weapons with a recoil. In regards to the padding pressed against the body, opt for mesh like material if possible. This ensures proper air flow to keep users cool while dealing with nature and the weight of their buildout. 


Ease of Use

In certain types of scenarios, users should be able to easily put their vests on and get them off. A vest that requires a long process to put on is not one that is ideal for emergency situations. Look for plate carriers that have tough velcro and buckled features to ensure the proper adjustments and the convenience of putting on and getting off. 


Final Thoughts

When it comes time to purchase a plate carrier tactical vest, know what buildout you have in mind. You do not have to get everything all at once and can slowly build your perfect setup, but starting with a vest that offers the most opportunity to buildout properly will ensure the most success. 



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