Stun Gun Deep Dive: What it is and How to Use It

Stun Gun Deep Dive: What it is and How to Use It

Stun Gun Deep Dive: What it is and How to Use It

Self Defense is an area that no person should take lightly. With tons of options out there, the method of choice should warrant comfort and effectiveness. In this blog post, we are going to discuss one of the best self defense items to possess, stun guns. We will investigate their mechanism, uses, types and different situations a stun gun can help save your life.


What is a Stun Gun?

Before determining which stun gun to purchase, users should understand stun guns. Stun guns are an electroshock weapon that incapacitates targets without killing them. Stun guns are a self defense weapon that shocks predators through close range contact. In addition, the loud sound when deployed can often act as a deterrent itself, providing users safety before disaster hits. Each stun gun contains a different level of voltage that penetrates the muscles and nerves to cause attackers to freeze.


Stun Gun vs Taser

A common question asked is what the difference between a stun gun is and a taser. Aside from the significant price difference, tasers can shoot out their electrical probes. Oftentimes, police and security officers will deploy a taser to disarm a potential assailant or stop a criminal from fleeing. The volts emitted from a Taser’s prongs are typically a lot higher and can be affective between 15 – 30 feet. Tasers require a lot more skill and accuracy to use effectively and with the hefty price tags are not recommended for civilian self defense use. The goal in self defense situations is to deter an attacker or give oneself the chance to get away to seek safety.


How Many Volts are in a Stun Gun?

The voltage amount signifies the amount of electrical energy that flows through the stun gun when making contact. The amperage number is the rate which the flow occurs, the wattage is calculated by multiplying voltage by current amps. The higher the voltage the more effective the stun gun. Most stun guns contain about 25,000 volts, which gives users the ability to disable an attacker to get away. Higher voltage amounts give users a more effective way to immobilize attackers for longer periods of time. We recommend a voltage amount between 50,000 and 100,000 volts to ensure effectiveness even against thicker clothing.


Where to Buy a Stun Gun?

There are various types of stun guns available on the market today. No one type of stun gun is better than the other, instead it comes down to preference and ease of use. A few of the more popular stun guns on the market include mini stun guns, flashlight stun guns, handheld covert stun guns and even baton stun guns. Opting for a stun gun that contains a flashlight can prove useful when facing dark situations. A more discreet handheld stun gun allows for an easy way to keep the self defense weapon on hand with hopes of not having to deploy it. Regardless of your stun gun preference, Gear Up Surplus carries only the best and most reliable stun gun options online and in store.



When and How to Use a Stun Gun

One might ask themselves, what would I even use a stun gun for? The answer to this question can vary greatly. Unfortunately, we live in a world where there are many predators amongst us. A criminal can have several motives for attacking and it remains wise to always stay prepared during these potential situations. Carrying and concealing a stun gun when walking to your car after the grocery store is one of the best uses for stun gun use. Also, keeping this self defense weapon in your vehicle can also result in potential life saving measures.


Stun Gun Takeaways

To conclude, purchasing a high-quality stun gun with a high voltage guarantees proper safety measures are being taken. The ability to carry and conceal should be kept in mind during the buying decision and having something that you can easily and comfortably use. Gear Up Surplus proudly stocks various types of stun gun options for everyone. During self defense month, we will continue to highlight various self defense options to keep you safe and secure.


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