Military Style Boonie Hats: An Outdoor Staple

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Military Style Boonie Hats: An Outdoor Staple

In 1937, a blue cap with an all round brim was issued with denim fatigues and inspired the "Johnny Jeep" hat that was featured on the cover of LIFE Magazine in 1942. The Military Style Boonie Cap now intertwined with both military use and the fashion world. It officially became known as the boonie hat when introduced to the Armed Forces during the Vietnam War. The name itself is derived from the word boondocks and became abbreviated to boonie. In addition to the boonie hat, the military style hat has also transformed and been referenced to as a bucket hat. 



Boonie hats make for a must have for anyone spending time in the outdoor, especially during the spring and summertime. The bucket style cap helps keep users both cool and protected from the heat and rays of the sun. The wide brim on the boonie cap protects the eyes, ears and face from the risk of sunburn and overexposure. In addition, there are two ports on both sides of the cap to help air enter the cap and provide coolness to the head. Another ideal feature is the adjustable chin strap, which ensures the boonie hat stays secured on your head despite outdoor elements or movement. While on the boat, fishing or even mowing, the security from the strap provides a peace of mind for the hats security. 


Styles & Colors

The Military style boonie hat come in various camouflage and solid colors. Most boonies are 100% Cotton making them completely rip-stop, while others are a polyester and cotton blend. In addition to the traditional colors and camos, there are several other designs and looks the boonie has adapted. A popular style amongst surplus stores is the vintage washed look boonie cap. This style of the hat typically includes the Vietnam Era colors of Olive Drab, Tiger Strap or Woodland Camo. A newer and more popular style type of boonie is the Advanced Hot Weather Boonie Hat. This like the traditional boonie, also contains two cooling ports, a wide brim and an adjustable chin strap. The differences include the adjustability around the head, where typical caps come sized 7, 7 1/4, 7 1/2, 7 3/4, etc. In addition to the adjustability there are snap features on the side of the cap, allowing the brim to be worn up and resemble the Australian style bucket hat. Lastly, on the back contain two more snap features that have attached a "flap" that hangs off of the back to also protect the back of the neck from the dangers of the sun. This flap is removable and can be easily stored in the inside pocket built into the Hot Weather Boonie Cap. 


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