It’s Hunting Season — How Prepared Are You?

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It’s Hunting Season — How Prepared Are You?

The success of any hunting trip comes down to how prepared the hunter is for the unknown. Whether that means ensuring you have the right equipment for the hunt or having fully stocked your camo gear, being ready for the unexpected will always help you in the unforeseen possibility of an emergency. Among the many steps you take before your upcoming trip, planning out what kind of hunting gear you will need will help you feel as prepared as you possibly can. 


Plan For The Expected Weather — And The Unexpected

With the calendar turning to the fall, the days become shorter, and the temperatures drop — but not quite to the lows of winter just yet. As you begin to plan out where you will post up at your destination, knowing the terrain and the historical temperature precedent can help you plan what kind of hunting apparel you should pack. For example, if the area is known for being colder, shirts and pants with thermal layering should be at the top of your checklist.


If you’re going during the early season, you can plan to pack some camo hunting clothes that don’t have as much of an emphasis on heat retention that you would need during the winter. The time of day you plan on heading into the woods will also impact the type of camo clothing you bring on your trip. Weather conditions can change at a moment’s notice; it’s best to pack for sudden temperature drops and potential rainfall. 


How Are You Going To Be Hunting?

Whether you are hunting large or small game, how you track the game determines what equipment you need for the hunting trip. As the cold weather settles in, archery season begins to open up, as well as small game season and other hunting forms. Deciding which hunting license you want will help you figure out what kind of gear you need to bring with you to ensure your trip is successful. 


If you’re going after larger game, a crossbow might not be the optimal choice for the hunt. Ensuring you have the right ammunition, carrying cases, and transportation will help ensure your next hunt is one to remember.


Keep The Mosquitos At Bay

With every hunting trip, there comes a degree of downtime that cannot be avoided. With the level of patience required to track your prey and be ready to strike when the time comes, the chances of mosquitos and other insects finding you grow exponentially. Bring portable bug zappers and mosquito traps with you; you can help ensure you don’t accidentally make sudden movements that can scare away any animals. 


Get The Proper Hunting Licenses

No matter which state you hunt in, everyone requires you to have the proper hunting license before you begin. Getting caught without the appropriate documentation can result in significant fines and legal repercussions. Do your research about what permits and licenses are required ahead of time, as well as any bag limits mandated in your area, and ensure you have a safe and enjoyable hunting experience. 


Get The Right Wilderness Survival Gear For Your Next Hunt! 

Finding the right online retailer to help you prepare for your next hunting adventure remains a critical component in your planning process. Gear Up Surplus has a variety of camo pattern clothing, rifle bags, cold weather jackets, emergency rations, and wilderness survival gear to have you properly ready for any situation. Browse our online inventory and find the gear that best fits your needs today!


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