Essential Veterans Day Facts to Remember

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Essential Veterans Day Facts to Remember

From the beginning of the Revolutionary War to the modern-day, American freedoms have been protected by the courageous men and women of the United States Armed Forces for generations. Finding ways to honor and celebrate their sacrifice in meaningful ways required coordination from the government and the people to grant them the recognition they deserved for their service and sacrifice. Enter the federal holiday — Veterans Day.

Early History

The history of the Veterans Day holiday traces back to November 11th, 1919. It was the first anniversary of the end of World War I, and President Woodrow Wilson marked the anniversary with the first Armistice Day. After the war cost so many lives, it was the first step towards honoring the enduring sacrifices made by American soldiers in the line of duty.

Congress passed a national resolution in 1926 to mark Armistice Day as an annual observance and then granted the honor of being a federal holiday in 1938. President Dwight D. Eisenhower changed the holiday's name from Armistice Day to Veterans Day in honor of all American military veterans — living or dead.

The Uniform Holidays Bill received passage by Congress in 1968, changing Veterans Day from November 11th to the fourth Monday in October. This went into effect in 1971 but was later reversed in 1975 by President Gerald Ford to mark the holiday's historical significance.

How We Celebrate

Celebrating the holiday and honoring our veterans of all wars entails celebrating the Armistice signing that ended the First World War on November 11th in 1918. In the intervening years, with the focus shifting from veterans of World War I to veterans of all ways living or dead, more people were able to honor and show their appreciation of the veterans in their lives and across the country.

There are plenty of ways to honor and help veterans on this day and every day in modern times. Some of the ways that people can celebrate and recognize veterans include:

  • Reaching out to and thanking any veterans you know personally.
  • Writing "thank you" cards and dropping them off at a local VA hospital.
  • Placing small flags on the graves of veterans.
  • Volunteering to help transport disabled veterans to their doctor appointments. Contact your local VA hospital to volunteer your time.
  • Making charitable contributions to organizations that help wounded veterans.
  • Placing a memorial flag in your yard for the holiday.

Honor and Celebrate Our Veterans This Year and Every Year

The United States Armed Forces protect our rights and freedoms from threats foreign and domestic and take some time to thank our living veterans and remember those we lost. It's a holiday where we remember their ongoing sacrifices and strive to do right by them however we can. At Gear Up Surplus, we have a vast inventory of military morale patches and military clothing options to help celebrate Veterans Day and honor those who have served.

Browse through our inventory and find your way to honor and celebrate our veterans today!


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