Bugout Bag Essentials: Water Purification and Hydration

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Bugout Bag Essentials: Water Purification and Hydration

When it comes to camping, hiking or bugout bags, hydration remains an essential part for every backpack. Bringing a canteen or water bottle already filled with water, seems ideal, but in reality won't last for too long. That's why having a plan in place to locate, store and purify water should be at the front of everyone's mind. In this bugout bag essentials survival guide, we will discuss great options for purification, storage and water itself. 


Emergency Water

A great addition to every go bag or hiking trip is emergency purified drinking water packets. These contain filtered fresh water in a polymer-foil sachet. The high level filtering and protection keeps the contents for a minimum of five years regardless of the environment. Making these a long lasting and trustworthy water source in emergency situations. The packs are compact and small and a few should remain in every pack in case the location of a water source becomes difficult. 


Water Purification

When it comes to water purification, there are several ways to go. Tablets/drops remain one of the more popular options, but having a filtration straw also provides a less complicated and lightweight option. Filtration straws are great when setting up camp near a body of water and give users the ability to drink directly from the source without spending any time waiting for purification. The straw is built with a four stage filtration system that filters out 99.99% of all harmful substances and improves the taste. Straws provide up to nearly 400 gallons of suitable drinking water before replacement is necessary. 


When it comes to purifying water and having it on the go, water purification tablets and drops are by far the most popular option. Purification tablets require two drops to one quart of water and proves to be extremely effective against giardia. Meanwhile the Aquatabs also are effective against giardia cysts, bacteria and viruses, making water safe to drink in just 30 minutes. Each tablet can treat up to 2 quarts of clean water and are a great lightweight emergency use item. 



Now that the water purification is squared away, it's time ensure you have the proper storage for your purified water. The most obvious and popular choice is a canteen. Canteens have been an essential item for the military for years. They are lightweight and easily able to be stored right in backpacks, canteen belts or even now on MOLLE compatible packs and vests with a holder. There are several size canteens and material canteens out there, such as plastic, aluminum and stainless steel. Another great option includes a hydration bladder or a Camelbak. Some opt for packs that are strictly designed for just hydration, but having a separate bladder makes the most sense. This allows you to store it in your bugout bag while also utilizing it when needed. Most tactical backpacks include an inside back pocket designed for the bladder itself.


Without water, there is no survival, which is why when building a "go" bag or bugout bag or even embarking on a camping or hiking trip, water should be at the forefront of the consideration. We hope this guide offered some great insight into water purification and storage options for your next outdoor wilderness adventure. 



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