Bugout Bag Essentials: Military Field Manuals

Bugout Bag Essentials: Military Field Manuals

When it comes to building a bugout bag, deciding on a tactical backpack or bag obviously ranks towards the top of the list. Once the right military style bag is obtained, there comes a time to begin equipping your 'go bag' with survival essentials. We've already touched base on various water filtration options for the bugout bag in a previous blog post. In this post we will discuss the various Military Field Manuals to also include on your survival necessity list for your bugout bag. 


What are Military Field Manuals? 

Military Manuals are exactly what they sound like, manuals aimed to help teach military members how to operate certain machinery and be prepared during certain catastrophes. Field Manuals utilized by the military can range between several different topics and categories. From weaponry, handbooks, survival, self defense and even first aid. Each category assisting in valuable lessons to be learned in times of combat or survival. 

Survival Books

Survival manuals and reference guides should be included in everyone's bugout bag. Regardless of how much you think you may know, during unforeseen circumstances, these survival geared books most likely include valuable survival tips that will come in handy. Even if you are not a full blown prepper or survivalists, anyone who enjoys spending time in the outdoors should consider the purchase of a survival military field manual. We offer a variety of survival type topics that will prove worthwhile for any collection or 'go bag.' 

Self Defense Manuals

Self Defense Field Books and military manuals are also a great addition to any bugout bag. Knowledge in tactics of self-defense can be the difference between life and death during certain situations. Learning tactics in Guerilla Warfare or immersing in top secret CIA manuals preparing you with knowledge on boobytraps and incendiary devices are worthwhile. When it comes to survival and self defense, we offer various self defense weapons and field manuals. 

Other Military Manuals

Other topics to consider for bugout bags amongst military field manuals is First Aid Books and Military Guidebooks. A basic understanding of first aid care can help immensely while faced with harmful dangers of the outdoors. An essential military guidebook manual is Map Reading and Land Navigation. Something that directly correlates to survival situations as well as camping, hiking and hunting. 


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