Bugout Bag Essentials: Emergency Food

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Bugout Bag Essentials: Emergency Food

Once you've decided on the right bugout bag, the fun in building your bag begins. Initially your mind will be flooded with ideas of items to properly stock in your bag. However, while building your bugout bag, it's important to take your time and consider different sorts of situations you may face. After situational thinking is done, it's time to list essential items for each situation. Regardless of the situation, emergency food ranks at the top of every list. In this guide, we'll discuss some different emergency food options to help your bugout bag come together. 


Meals Ready to Eat or MRE's 

MRE's or meals ready to eat have been used by the military since the Revolutionary War and is a staple amongst preppers, survivalists, military surplus collectors, governments and more. Each meal provides about 1,200 calories which is thought to provide enough calories and nutrition for a meal and in drastic circumstances, a day. Typically each MRE contains a main course, side dish, dessert or snack, crackers, some sort of spread, powdered beverage mix, utensils, a heater and an accessory pack. Stuffing at least one MRE in a bugout bag is both possible and necessary. A great bang for your buck is our SOPAKCO MRE's which contain 16 meals for just $89.99. An amazing price per meal considering most MRE's only contain 12 meals and typically start in the $100s. 


Emergency Food Ration Bar

Primarily used by the Coast Guard and Navy when rescuing people stranded at sea is an Emergency Food Ration Bar. These 12 ready to eat food bars contain 200 calories in each bar for 2,400 calories total in a package. They are completely all natural, made of wheat flower, cane sugar, water and coconut. They are great high energy bars that can also be stuffed in a go bag, making it a great emergency food option. 


Survival Tabs

Another great bugout bag emergency food option are survival tabs. These come with 180 tabs per bottle and are made of non-fat dry milk solids, sucrose and vegetable oils. These are an ultra high calorie food tablet that provides essential vitamins and minerals, protein for strength, fat for endurance and dextrose and lactose for fast energy. The tablets are designed to last for 15 days with 12 tablets to be taken daily to help in emergency situations. 


Whichever emergency food source you choose to go with, keep in mind that something with a long shelf life should definitely remain in your bag. Personally, all three items reside in mine, offering a variety of options over the course of a few days should needed. The route others go is entirely up to preference and room in the bag. 





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