11 Ways to Honor Veterans on Veterans Day

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11 Ways to Honor Veterans on Veterans Day

November 11th is a day that comes around once a year to honor our brave military veterans who served in our military. Veterans Day is a time to reflect on the sacrifice service members and their families make throughout the year. Regardless if you personally served, had family who served or just know someone who served, there are numerous days to honor our Veterans on this day. Here are 11 ways to thank a Veteran on 11/11 and throughout the year. 


1. "Thank You" - thanking a Veteran for their service is a great way to show gratitude and recognition for the courage displayed while serving in our military. 

2. Visit a VA Hospital - call ahead and see if there is an opportunity to sit and visit Veterans who may not have family around. Many Veterans end up alone and do not have loved ones around. A simple visit and conversation can make their day. 

3. Listen - many Veterans enjoy reminiscing on their younger days, thoughtfully and intently listening to their stories (military related or not) is a great way to show respect to our Vets. 

4. Cover a Meal or Coffee - if you are out to eat and happen to notice a veteran seated near you or while grabbing a coffee, honor a veteran by covering their order. 

5. Wear a Red Poppy - oftentimes distributed by American Legion Auxiliaries, red poppies show support for veterans and active duty service members. 

6. Donate to a Cause - there are many great causes and nonprofits that help veterans. Consider donating to them with finances or even time. Causes such as Dover Detail, Wounded Warrior Project and Homes for our Troops are some great causes. 

7. Support Veteran Owned Companies - support local veteran owned businesses by either shopping with them or sharing information about them!

8. Post on Social Media - A simple post thanking all Veterans can go a long way to help spread awareness of our Veterans importance and can mean a lot to Veterans who see the post themselves. 

9. Fly Old Glory - show your support by flying a USA flag, especially on a day like Veterans Day. 

10. Attend a Parade or Event - attending a Veterans Day parade or event organized to celebrate Veterans provide a great opportunity to interact with Veterans and express your gratitude. 

11. Pray - prayer can go a long way, include Veterans in your prayers on this day and allow God to watch over those who may be going through hard ships. 


Gear Up Surplus proudly honors and works with Veterans and Veteran first organizations. We show our thanks to Veterans and Active Duty members year round by providing discounts and always thanking them for their brave service. On Veteran's Day Weekend we will hold a 3 Day Sale offering all Veterans 20% Off. 



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