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Air Force Pilot Insginia - Miniature

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United States Air Force Miniature Pilot Badge

Occupational badges are reflective of a service member's Air Force specialty.

Criteria: General officers: Wear the basic badge, representative of the organization's mission, upon entering a headquarters staff or command position, unless previously qualified for a higher-level badge. Wear the next higher-level badge after 12 months. Continue to upgrade to next higher level every 12 months.

Officers: Wear the basic badge after graduating from technical school (or after attaining a fully qualified AFSC when technical school is not required). Wear the senior badge after 7 years in the specialty and the master badge after 15 years in the specialty.

Enlisted: Wear the basic badge after completing technical school. Wear the senior badge after award of the 7-skill level, and the command badge as a master sergeant or above with 5 years in the specialty from award of the 7-skill level.

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